Zambezi Valley Expedition

Kevin Peacocke

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Feb 10, 2018
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This story is a bit different, no guns but heaps of game on an epic period adventure thrown in! Tess my wife has been longing to visit a game lodge and I have been dying to take the little Series 1 Landy on an adventure into the Zambezi Valley so at very short notice we decided to pool the two desires and just go! The plan was to drive north from Harare, over the escarpment and down into the valley at the eastern end near Kanyemba, then along the old security road that traverses the base of the escarpment, and out again at the Chirundu road heading south back to Harare. I am guessing, maybe 900km with about half on rough dirt road.
This of course is way too long for our slow pace, so the idea was to break up the trip into five legs with an easy daylight stretch in each.
Ready to depart, wish and a prayer stuff, the Landy was serviced and a quick check over, but nothing special:

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Sounds like a great adventure!! Good luck and travel safe!
Awesome, have fun!
Best of luck! Sounds like an awesome adventure.
Good luck on this adventure Kevin and safe travels. I guess you aren't taking your arsenal with so that you have more space for engine oil for the Landi:ROFLMAO::A Outta:
What a great plan.


I await the tale the photos that prove it.
Have a safe trip and enjoy!
Day 1
The first road block near Concession looked to be a wave through, but the policeman did a double take as he recognised this was something different to liven up his boring morning. Up went the hand and I pulled up next to him locking stares. "Sound your horn", which duly sounded and solicited a grunt. Not to be deterred he thought for a few seconds, "apply your handbreak and remove your feet". Now they all pushed, but the propshaft centre drum bit hard and they couldn't even get an inch. I burst out laughing just as he did, Carruthers had won them all over and we were wished a safe onward journey with grins all round.
Next came the turnoff to Guruve and I took it without a second thought - this road does indeed lead to the Zambezi. On we rolled enjoying the scenic granite kopjies, looking out for the turnoff to the Mavuradona Nature Lodge, our first night's stop. The escarpment came, and now feeling of unease began to set in, still no turnoff and we were well past where it should have been. A sign on the left announced Zambezi Escarpment Lodge, not our booked place, but maybe it would do as it was late afternoon now. Well, they had a room , this was true, but they also had a bar and beer and music, a fatal combination as was soon proven when a combi of rowdy youth turned up and the party began. Tess and I bailed into the Landy and roared off out of there as fast as we could.
Now what?
Nothing for it but to carry on, we were resigned to spend the night in the bush if necessary rather than brave the drunken mob. As we got to the valley floor the tsetse gate guard sauntered over. Did he per chance know where the correct lodge was? Amazingly yes! My mistake was to branch off at Guruve instead of carrying on through Centenary. No problem, he said, just turn right for 38km, then right again back up the escarpment, it is there. With evening looming the race was on, Landy lights are like candles - we must get there before dark. We literally flew over that dirt road bouncing to the canvas many times, grateful for a padded rear end to absorb the shock. At last we were home - well the first day home, and a cold beer sank splendidly by the fire as the bushbabies wailed in harmony.
The lodge accommodation- a simple thatched rondawel, but with a comfortable bed and hot shower, what more do you need?

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Life is short live it to the fullest I envy your trip...have a great one....
Very cool. Sorry I missed you during our trip. Time just got away and the curfew didn't help matters either.
Fantastic idea Kevin! Love the matching hats. I hope you have an extraordinary adventure together!
Stay safe!
Pretty cool Kevin! I lived in Zim for a few years and really miss the country and the people! What a great vacation. Is food readily available now sorry it was tough when I was there!
Hi Kevin. Sounds like you and Tess are having a great adventure. 900 kms shouldn't be too taxing, even for a Landy :oops:. No-one's guaranteed tomorrow, get out there and enjoy the world while you can.
Sounds like a great trip.

Thanks for taking us on the journey with you!

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