Zambezi Valley Buffalo Hunting Late May/Early June

Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by NWT, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Forum member WAB suggested that the Zambezi Valley low veld would be a good option for a Late May / Early
    June (our only time frame available for our hunt) buffalo hunt. Looking for information from others who have experienced the Zambezi Valley during these time frames. Were you handicapped by any early season conditions in the Zambezi Valley that kept you from being successful? Any other hardships hunting during this season? I have not started research. Is the buffalo trophy quality good in the Valley? What other game do you like to hunt in the low veld? Our budget will be for free range buffalo / plains game 1X1 for 14 days. The names of the best PH's specializing in the Zambezi Valley would be greatly appreciated. Joining me on this hunt is a young hunter who will be experiencing his first major hunt. I am trying to avoid making any major mistakes. Anything weird happening in Zimbabwe that could mess up the hunt?

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    I did a Tuskless/Buffalo hunt with Charlton-McCallum Safaris in The valley and had a terrific time; but hunted late in the year (Oct 17') there's a report on here.

    I hunted Dande safari area and also Ward 1 which is on the river (and tiger fished) and Ward 2. All three connect but quota is issued separate. They also hunt in the connecting Ward 11. All told its 500K acres. Thats all the way along the Mozambique border north/south and the other border is the Chewore Safari area which has a new 10 year lease started this year with new company.

    I stayed is main camp Pedza. Its good, Buffalo through camp most nights on the lawn. But I think Mururu on a dry riverbed was a nicer view and the camp over looking the Zambezi is wow; Matambo. (we stopped at both) I don't know much about Dande East.

    Buzz and Myles of CMS have also been buying quota on Nyakasanga and there is a fresh report from there on this forum right now. Tented camp right on river. I almost traded Tuskless /Buff for double dry land Hippo/Croc there for my hunt.

    I chose Len Taylor as PH. He has hunted extensive DG with Chifuti and now CMS in the valley and was a great guy along with his tracker and driver team to hunt with. Likes to hunt DG old school in close tracking, and chase dugga boys and not herds; that was big with me. I wasn't sure we'd get Tuskless quick, but knew we had Buffalo quota available before hunt. But frankly I would hunt with anyone of their PH's. Was in camp with Alan Shearing and he was also a real pro.

    Happen to like CMS does banking here out of Dallas and that made payment quick and strait forward. Full time someone in office too, never went more then 12 hrs before email/phone call was returned. Everything went very smooth and well organized.
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