Youth Hostel with guns after the hunt in J'burg

Discussion in 'Before & After the Hunt' started by Karamojo Bill, Feb 7, 2010.

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    We are going to RSA in the last two weeks of August. My oldest son, (24yrs old) is taking his girlfriend and she wants to spend a bit more time after the hunt so they are coming back 3 days behind us.

    Here's the rub. She fancies herself a "world traveler" and wants to stay in a youth hostel in J'Burg and "experience the culture". My son is taking his .375 H&H and his bow. I told him that I thought this was a BAD idea & I didn't know the legality or safety of having his gun with them in J'burg after the hunt

    I'm not dealing with another bag on my return or want to deal w/ US customs on a gun that he took

    What is your advice &/or knowlege about the safety or legality of having his firearm off the consession in a "youth hostel" in J'Burg? What are his options since the air is already booked and can not be changed according to the contract.
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    As you may already know, before you travel abroad with a firearm, you must register your gun with the US customs department (so they know you left with the gun and it is indeed YOUR gun and you are not trying to import a firearm). I would recommend you register your son's gun in your name with customs and you bring the gun back with you.
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    Get a 4457 for his gun(s)....One in his name....One in yours....

    This is legal since there is no tracking of any of this.

    Then you have the option to do what you want.

    I have done a bit of touring,most regular Lodges/Hotels/Guest houses;all have a place to store guns.Most Hotels require secure storage that they provide.

    The hostel deal I don't know,personally I have travelled a couple days around Joh'berg and that is not where I would stay.A Guest House (and there are MANY,not just Afton);Gives a secure local flavor,with breakfast always included.

    I used a driver that they recommended to do a bit of site seeing.I was on my own,and felt secure in what I did.But I did not do the township tour thing either.It was cheap and easy,I had a small list I tuned with their help,and had a good time.

    That said; I would head to Cape Town if I was to extend a stay.Lots of stuff to see and do there.You can get a flight back home from there also.

    Either place,you need to have your wits about you.I travel alone,and have spent a fair amount of days looking around.But I have a few places in NY City,Philly,Chicago....I wouldn't want to play tourist in either.

    I would not take a bow and rifle,that will be a PIA if he has to tote them all over and you don't carry the weapons back.I have a break down rifle which is bad enough,and my gun case isn't much bigger than a long brief case,fits in a drop bottom duffle.

    Why bother with a gun?Bow what you want,borrow a rifle to take what you can't get.One of yours or a camp gun? IMO

    Good luck with whatever he chooses...

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    Karamojo Bill,

    I do have a liaison in Johannesburg that provides a safe storage service for firearms at a reasonable cost. They also handle pre-approved gun permits, etc so are familiar with this type of thing. If the other options don't work out and you find this is something that you might need then I can get you the details, cost, etc.
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    I would say this is a very bad idea to be in Jo-burg with a rifle. You don't carry guns, bows etc. in your vehicle and especially not in a youth hostel (maybe a hotel with safes). I suggest to bring the weapons back directly after the hunt. Trust me, I lived in Jo-burg for many years.

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