Your Favorite Africa Hunting Photo

I set my rifle down on the Zambezi during a break, glanced up a few minutes later and thought, "hey, this will make a great picture." It's always been my favorite.

Left the case about a mile upriver from the rifle Wayne. ;)

Well let's see, the question posed was favorite Africa Hunting moment. I really like this pic of @Royal27 and @Wheels from an AH dinner a couple years ago. They're twins, who knew?

doublemint twins.jpg
My wife and hunting partner walking in the hills atop the Waterberg Massif while we pursued kudu on our first safari.

Hey, We're working here, bird brain. :p:rolleyes:
I could put 100 photos up here as they all bring back top memories .
But , so I dont piss everyone off I will only put 2 up .
Okay I cant count .
:A Way To Go:
If you can take your wife .
They will love it and it means you can go back as many times as you want .
Like everyone else, got a ton of photos. The little guy knows the best way to travel is snoozing. :sleep:
First sights of camp after 2 days of travel was amazing. It was the “holy crap I’m in Africa” moment for me.


My first African animal. It wasn’t ever on a “list” for me, but when Riaan asked if I wanted a blesbuck I told him, “no, unless there is one you would shoot over there...”. He glasses them for a bit, said, “yep, it’s this wide one that’s not as heavy, but just cool”. Off we went and down it went. First animal and redemption after I killed a stick earlier that morning (there was a zebra behind the stick - just so you don’t think I was trying to harvest acacia!)


Last one is my zebra. It means a lot to me because we chased them for 3 days before we could connect. Also, it was the choice to drop Kudu from my list and go with “take what Africa gives you”. My original list was Gemsbok or zebra, and we took a Gemsbok the night before this zebra. I really wanted a zebra rug and had so much fun hunting them I just felt I couldn’t leave Africa without one. So I kept my budget intact, dropped the Kudu and took a zebra and a red hartebeest. Wouldn’t change a thing about the trip!

Because I coach high school football in Texas, I was offered an opportunity to go watch high school rugby in Namibia. This allowed my Ph Jacq Strauss and his older brother Monea to play in an alumni game. The catch is Monea had to fly from J'berg into Windhoek. I believe had I declined the offer then the two brother their wives and mom and dad would not have been able to spend the weekend together. This picture is of a family that had not seen each other for quite awhile. It is my trophy picture from this summer's hunt in Namibia.(y)(y)(y)

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Hunted with the Strauss family in October. Great picture
I thought this was the mother inlaw !!
When I came to on the side of the road i checked the dash cam .
Told the wife i got it wrong .
Her mother owns a different bike .
When i woke up the second time I wished id taken out global rescue !!!!!
:A Stars::A Stretcher:
I thought this was the mother inlaw !!
When I came to on the side of the road i checked the dash cam .
Told the wife i got it wrong .
Her mother owns a different bike .
When i woke up the second time I wished id taken out global rescue !!!!!
:A Stars::A Stretcher:View attachment 218609

I tell people you don't just need GR I the wild places, this shows why!

:V Fish Slap:

One of several that I could say is a favorite. This picture was the last day of my first safari. My son hunted the same package as me and the wife was there To take the many pictures. The warthog was taken on the last morning in camp before we departed for the airport and home. That smile on my face is because I am already planning my next trip to Africa.
I, as everyone here, have hundreds of great memories of the hunts on the Dark Continent (and excited for more to come in July). But a few of my favorite are traversing the kopjes (“the stacks”) in Zim and coming across many African Bushmen paintings while tracking down Mr. Spots. I felt like Indiana Jones!

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