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Over the years, we have been able to suggest a lot of creative ideas for custom taxidermy mounts, and many clients defer to us, saying, “You’re the experts, whatever you think.”

What You Want Is What You Get

We are glad to proceed that way, but equally, there are clients who have very specific things they want to see in their mount. It could be something germane to that specific animal that they want reflected in their final mount. It could be something that has to fit in a very peculiar place. It could also be a gesture that they have had in their mind or seen a photograph of that they would like in their mount.

We Are Here for You

Whatever the case, Animal Artistry loves to give the client exactly what they are looking for. This is what it means to be a custom taxidermy studio. We do not buy a generic mannikin and produce a commercial mount. Each mount has its own personality and is designed for its best attributes and for what you, the client, are wanting.


A Real-Life Example

Just today I spoke with a client on the phone who was disappointed in seeing taxidermy photos of the various Cape Buffalo that were all black. His experience was that they were a different color in real life, and he wanted to see that color in his Buffalo. We were only too glad to accommodate this and work extensively with him to get the color and look he wants.

Ensuring the Results

One of the policies we have at Animal Artistry is that we require kill photos from clients so we can see the unique features of an animal. In addition to those kill photos, we photograph the finished piece and email it to the client prior to shipping. This gives the client the opportunity to look at every facet of the piece and decide if there are things they want changed.

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The Takeaway
You are the client – you get what you want.



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