Wyoming here we come, again!


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Sep 10, 2012
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My son and I are heading west tomorrow morning, stopping in South Dakota to fish for a couple of days then on to Kaycee, WY. Going to be chasing antelope mostly this year, only one young fella in the group got drawn for a deer tag. When some of the guys found out that they weren't getting deer tags they backed out of the trip, guess antelope hunting isn't for everyone. Any way that left me with some room in camp, so I invited my best friends wife to tag along. She has wanted to hunt antelope for a long time, so I figured we'd give her a chance. My oldest daughter agreed to accompany her on the trip but she wants no part of antelope hunting, they fly out next week. That left room for one more, that spot is being filled by the young fella's wife that got the deer tag. He bought her an antelope doe tag to fill, this could get interesting since she has never shot anything before. We spent a few mornings at the range together, but I wish we could have spent a little more time there. My son figures that he'll take Luke (the young fella) deer hunting and that since I have more patience and such a calming demeanor (bunch of crap) that I should take the ladies antelope hunting. This is going to be fun!
Is anyone else heading to Wyoming for the Oct. 1 opener? I'll be in or around Kaycee from 9/29 thru 10/7 if your going to be out that way give me a shout.
Good luck & safe travels
Good Luck!
Best of luck and have fun! I love antelope hunting, wish I could do it more along with elk and mule deer hunting! Well actually I wish I could hunt many species on a yearly basis!
Good luck! I look forward to the report!
I'm in Gillette so if you have time to say hi let me know. Best of luck. Had a dry year..... grass is lower than normal in a lot of places. Having said that we have had rain 4 times in the last 3 weeks and should be a little green coming back. Might help the animals this winter. Bruce
Living in Colorado, I have gone many times ti WY antelope hunting. Have taken maybe 30-35 over the years in WY and CO. GREAT time! Haven't been able to draw a tag the last 3 years though.
I usually combined the hunt with a sage grouse hunt and fishing trip, mostly near the Miracle Mile, or Gray Reef.
Have a wonderful trip! I'm so jealous! Delicious meat!
Thanks guys, we'll let you know how we make out.
Bruce I don't know what time we'll be going thru Gillette, but if it's a reasonable hour I'll give you a call.
And we're off!

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welcome to the forum.if you have any questions please feel free at any time .
Here is short video of blesbok hunt from yesterday

made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!