WTS - Mauser 98 Parts, 9.3x66 Dies and Tooling

Discussion in 'Free Classifieds' started by pinotguy, Apr 7, 2013.

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    A couple of years ago, I had to have a 9.3x66 Sako/370 Sako Mag. Began picking up stuff for the build and, for the most part, had things ready to go. However, last year I had the chance to participate in a Group Buy for Zastava Mauser 98's and ordered a 9.3x62. This rifle effectively made the Sako project irrelevant and redundant. As such, I am no longer in need of many of the parts I had acquired.

    Anyway, here's what I have available:

    NIB, NECG Trigger w/o Safety, Steel body, blued - $100, shipped. (This trigger is made by Recknagel.)

    NIB, Dakota Arms 3-pos. Safety, CM, in-the-white - $125, shipped.

    New, Zastava/Charles Daly-style Bottom Metal/NIB Talley Large Ring Mauser 98 Bases, both blued - $100/set, shipped. (I replaced the bottom metal on the 9.3x62. This is the unit that the rifle came with, from the factory. It has the floor-plate release button on the front of the trigger guard.) This is the Bottom Metal ONLY. It does NOT include a spring or follower. SET ONLY, WILL NOT SEPERATE.

    New, PTG 9.3x66 Chamber Reamer (Finisher) and Head-Space Gauges (Go, No-Go) - $150/set, shipped. These are new and unused. The reamer is a live/removable pilot, HSS. SET ONLY, WILL NOT SEPERATE.

    New, RCBS 9.3x66 Sako FL 2-Die Set - $100, shipped.

    Will sell all of the above items as a package for $450, shipped.

    "Will take it" responses trump PM's. Certified funds (MO's, bank checks) are preferred but will be flexible with forms of payment.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Jun 16, 2013
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    Hi pinotguy
    I may want to buy FL dies, so be it is possible to send it to Denmark

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