Would you like a Cigar?

hopping on a plane tomorrow afternoon to go hunt buff... packed a pair of Hooten & Young Gothic Serpents (still the best stick I've smoked this year) for celebration sticks for myself and the PH once an old dagga boy is in the salt..

Also taking a 5 pack of la palina reds, a 5 pack of la palina blacks and a couple of different singles to keep us busy around the campfire for 9 days...

wish me luck!

Nice stash!!! Good luck on getting your buffalo! (y)(y)
Best of luck on being able to smoke that special cigar(ie buff in the salt). Great cigar selection. What will you smoke on day 2 when those gone? LOL
What will you smoke on day 2 when those gone? LOL

Once the cigars are gone I suppose its just biltong and amarula for the rest of the trip :)
For the interested among you.
Max Zechbauer is a famous Munich cigar trader.
Company was founded in the year when Andrew Jackson was president (1830) and still exist,in spite of Amazon.
Once the cigars are gone I suppose its just biltong and amarula for the rest of the trip :)

Hell of a plan B if I do say so myself!
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Man I love this thread! So many new sticks to consider. I’m driving my local shop crazy asking if he has any of everyone’s suggestions!
Cigars International has some bundle deals, good for 7 days.

15 pack of Don Pepin Garcia Original " Blue" $74.99, in Toro size.

Smokin deal. I'm putting in an order.
That’s exactly where I just received mine from. I just always check my local shops first. Both small family owned businesses I try to support.

I’m on CI’s site about as much as I’m on here looking for all the sticks everyone is mentioning. Lmao!
Made my weekly stop at the Cigar shop. Decided to give Rocky Patel another chance. Sat in the lounge, and smoked a Rocky P Vintage 2003, with a Cameroon wrapper. Good smoke, no flaws in this one. Jacob, said he would stash a couple of the new La Premosa's away for me when they come in. They have been getting alot of inquiries about them.

Added some new flavors in addition to the regular favorites.

Ashton VSG
Partagas Black
My Father Connecticut wrapper
La Aroma de Cuba
Enjoying a cigar in Jekyll Island. One of my favorite Padron 4000, my first cigar in over a week.
Enjoying a Camacho on the beach.

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Sitting outside enjoying a cold beer, and an Ashton VSG. Great Cigar.

Getting ready to fire up the BBQ, and listening to the thunder & lightning of monsoon season. Will we get some rain finally? Dew points are up, so .......?
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Yes. They just came in when we were there.
Awesome. Those Habano sticker seals on the boxes only come on cigars from Cuba.
It's been 20 years since I had a real Cuban Cohiba.

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