would like to talk to anyone who has shipped trophies to US without a Broker!!!!

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    Help!!! Need information about shipping trophies to US without using a broker...Many old posts I see say it was easy we are hearing alot of things pro and con but would love to talk to anyone who did this themselves with ease!!! I have the 3-177 filled out but still a few minor questions... would love to see example of one filled out completely. I can't afford any mistakes. Not only am I a girl but sometimes a true Blonde I can admit that!...need some help here guys!
    Also is there any special paperwork needed to get a warthog home. I understand it has to be tanned in Africa or go into quarantine when it reaches the US...what other paperwork is needed for that?

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    Importing Personal Sport-hunted Trophies from Africa: Guidelines for U.S. Hunters

    Attached a pdf document on Guidelines for U.S. Hunters for Importing Personal Sport-hunted Trophies from Africa.

    AH has an article regarding Permits & Importation Procedures for Sport Hunted Trophies, click here to check it out.

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