World record price for cape buffalo bull


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Jul 6, 2009
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Hi guy's
I thought that this would be interesting for everyone!
This Cape buffalo bull was bought for breeding prepossess this is simply amazing :eyecrazy:.

New heights reached at 2011 Thaba Tholo auction
September 2011

On 21 September, Thabazimbi in Limpopo province was a hub of excitement as it played host to the 2011 Thaba Tholo animal auction.

The Etana Wildlife and Tourism team was on hand to provide the necessary insurance cover for the auctioning process that took place.

"For these events the Etana Wildlife and Tourism product line provides a cover path for clients," mentions Joan Jackson, who heads this team. "We insure the animals from the time they are captured, kept within a boma facility, transported and located at the auction house, and handed over to the buyer. We also provide 14days cover following step-off."

At this year's auction the main attraction was the auction of a highly prized buffalo bull. Going by the name Senatla, this nine-year-old possesses impressive traits, and rangers and experts in the field remarked that he is an exceptional breeding bull in terms of pedigree.

"At previous events, bids for animals have surpassed the million rand mark," says Joan. "This showcases the interest in this industry and how business is thriving. At the 2010 Thaba Tholo auction the highest sale was an impressive R9-million. This year was simply incredible. Senatla's final selling price was R18-million, a new record at any auction."

These events created a general excitement among all who attended the auction. The wildlife and tourism industry is a vibrant one, and wildlife such as Senatla the record-breaking buffalo bull highlight the potential.

Etana Wildlife and Tourism valued the event as an opportunity to gain further understanding of the amount individuals will spend at auctions to secure highly sought-after animals.


Senatla the buffalo bull that fetched an incredible auctioneering price at the Thaba Thola Auction


Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
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Incredible beast.
It started with Buffalo Bill, R3mil. Then Bayeto for R9.1mil, now Sanatla for R18mil. What next? R30mil. I see a pattern here...But I think South Africa has the best and biggest buff now!!!
So, where are you housing him at Buffelvlei Louis?
Must be a wedding gift.

If he could be resold the new owner would have to hire 24 hour armed guards.

Amazing. Well, he'll add some width to someones herd in Limpopo.
LOL Wayne I wish trusts me the wedding is about all the costs I can handle for the year LOL.

There is no denying the fact that it is one hell of a buffalo bull and that having his genes in your herd will be great, but wow it is quite the pricy addition.

I wonder were these prices will end up ??br>
Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
That is $2.29 million dollars!
Yup, he better produce a lot of trophy calves for that money.
Is the bull certified diesese free?
To bad the gene for horns is transfered from the female not the male
And all the time i am telling my friends in South Africa that you can not do much with our money anymore. This is the proof.
This will drive the price for Cape Buffalo trophy hunting safari in the future.

One will only have to watch the price of S. A. - C. B. Safari's continue to escalate.

This will not be a poor man's hunt.
That's amazing - does anybody know what the spread was and if it's a Kruger Park bull?
Hi guy's

The bull is disease free, I am not sure as to his bloodline but I know he measured 50?

Johan you are so right according to some of those auction prices even on plains game the R has no value LOL. Ek sal maar met boerbokke moet begin boer LOL.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
you need to keep semen on ice. majestic old bull, don't know how long he will keep it up for.
It started with Buffalo Bill, R3mil. Then Bayeto for R9.1mil, now Sanatla for R18mil. What next? R30mil. I see a pattern here...But I think South Africa has the best and biggest buff now!!!
especially if you like to shoot one behind a high fence and pay a bloody fortune to do it. question: do they tell you your buffalo's name before you shoot it and let you keep the ear tag?
WOW 18 Mil thats like hitting the Lotto. wish I had a few of him to sell.
South African breeding policies hold the key to eventual restocking of the areas in Africa that have had their game populations poached out and there are many of them.
Hi Ian

I think you have a very valid point here South Africa has a lot of depth in their Cape Buffalo genes this will ensure that if a country in Africa needs to re introduce Cape Buffalo to a particular area they will have some of the best genes in the world to their disposal.

Folks I don't think we should make the mistake of looking at Cape Buffalo like this from a hunting perspective, a bull like this is bread for genes and meant to be introduces to a breading herd with high numbers of cows this will allow the breeder to introduce the best possible genes to his herd as well as assure that no in-breeding accurse?

I my opinion this is a massive success story! There is a lot of money in it and as long as there is a value on an animal's head it will be conserved for future generations.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen

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