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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Code4, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Words can't describe my feelings as my most expensive rifle slipped from my fingers and bounced not once, not twice but three times on the hard clay track. It didn't bounce on the rifle but on the A$2,400 scope on top of it.

    After a quick change into clean underwear it was off to the range to check zero. I have a load of 43 grains 2209 for 175 grain projectiles for 2,340 fps (chrono'd). With a new box of Woodleigh 175 PPSN's ( S.D. .310 BC .510 ) I loaded some and went to the range. At that muzzle velocity they are recommended for impact out to 300 yards.


    Shots 1,2 and 3 were at 100 yards with shot 1 being from a cold clean barrel. I moved the scope one click ( 1cm ) right and the target out to 200 yards. Shots 4,5 and 6 were on the money. Scope and rifle survived.

    Successes for me with Woodleigh Bullets has been spectacular. The .308 165 PPSN being a favourite with excellent results on plains game in my .308W and the rest of the box in John Foxwells .300 WSM on Australian deer and Namibian PG. Accuracy has been excellent with the 286 and 320 woodleighs in my 9.3. You can see the results of the 7mm 175 PPSN in my long throated 7x57. The 6.5mm 140 PPSN has been a lazer ray in my .264WM and will get used on large game soon.

    9.3x62 with 320 RNSP. 264WM with 140 PPSN. 7x57 with 175 PPSN.

    No brand of projectile will work in every rifle or calibre but the positives outway the negatives and from now on I will be useing Woodleighs wherever possible.

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    Looks good to me Code4!:clapping:

    perhaps....you should let you other rifles also slip from your hands...:wink:

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