Wisconsin Whitetail Hunting

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    I have to represent my home state here for a second... I just looked at the B&C trophy whitetail buck distributions for the US and Wisconsin is a solid red, meaning 9 or more 200+ bucks taken per 40,000 square acre area.

    I have been lucky enough to harvest a few bucks out of this great state and can say that my last 2 1/2 year old buck was a wide 8 point. My father in law never had his best buck measured but it would probably go 210-class. I think I might have him talked into getting it officially measured. Bases as big around as your forearm.

    If you want to do some stand hunting in the mornings, followed by some early afternoon still hunting you should think about Wisconsin. The deer densities where I hunt in the southwest corner are phenomenal and you can expect to see anywhere from 6-24 deer a day on private property. Combine this with a healthy county forest system in the northwest and $160 non-resident tag and you have a great hunt.

    I don't get home nearly enough to hunt these areas and just want to know that someone is in those woods hunting hard for my favorite big game species! Send me a private message if you want more info.... good luck this fall!

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