WIN One of Three CRIES of the Savanna Book by Multi-award-winning Author Sue Tidwell in a Random Drawing Giveaway

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CRIES of the Savanna

Thanks Sue! I’ll end up with a copy of this book one way or another!
Great idea, I have the book! Thanks
I’m so glad to hear that. I hope you liked it. If you win, you can give a copy to someone else who might like it…or a library!
Already have the book but as Dinsdale said, very nice of you to do this!
Thanks Badjer. If you win you can give a copy to a friend or local library…or someone who NEEDS a to read it.
Hi Everyone!

Although many on this website are seasoned safari hunters, I invite you to enter the CRIES if the Savanna book giveaway to rediscover Africa through the eyes of a greenhorn experiencing its wonder, magnificence — and peril — for the first time.

…AND, for those dreaming of Africa, enter the contest and join me on a transformative journey. Fall in love with Africa, its people, and wildlife like I did!

Excerpt Chapter One:
“…Umphhh. The lion’s grunt jolted me from my reverie. Still wedged against Rick on his tiny bunk, I returned my attention to Simba’s primal serenade, Fisi’s insane choruses, and the rest of Africa’s beastly symphony. A realization surged through me. Finally, after years of anticipation, my African dream was coming true. It was nothing like I had envisioned, but nestled in a tent, hours from civilization, there was absolutely no turning back. Nor did I find myself wanting to. Even though apprehension filled my entire being, it became crystal clear that Rick’s version of the dream was far more than anything I could have imagined for myself.

No doubt, there would be difficult and unsettling moments. Rick would very likely be harvesting some of the creatures that I had treasured since my first “Kimba the White Lion” cartoon. It was also clear that our adventures would be partnered with aspects of danger. I couldn’t help wondering how my romanticized view of Africa, after dreaming about it for so many years, would stand against reality.

Even with uncertainty gnawing at me, my feelings of apprehension and exhaustion floundered as other emotions trickled to the surface. Fascination. Excitement. Awe. Astonishment. Curiosity. And thankfulness. Lying wide-eyed -- covered in goosebumps listening to the chortles, bellows, growls, squeaks, whistles, cooing, cawing, whoooops, and umphhs of the African Symphony -- I realized that I had never felt so terror-stricken and yet, at the same time, so alive and exhilarated by the promise of the days to come.”

Excerpt Chapter 3:
“…As I fell into bed, the African symphony had already begun its ghostly composition. We could hear the hyena’s howls and ghastly giggles; the hippo’s throaty bellow; and other squeals, squeaks, chirps, whistles, and cries that are impossible to put into words. Simba was still quiet, at least at that moment.

In many ways, the day had been punishing: many long arduous hours of hunting but no harvesting. We had tracked a dagga boy, stalked multiple zebra, eaten lunch under the canopy of a Lucky Bean tree, and were exposed to countless new experiences, wildlife, and lands. Heck we’d even been showered with feces from giant-sized bats. I couldn’t remember ever having a day as exhausting, sweltering, grueling and sometimes frustrating. Yet, unbelievably, I couldn’t wait to do it all over again. One thing was for certain, our first day on safari had been crazy. Bat-shit crazy. Literally.”

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Thanks to all who enter,
Sue Tidwell

CRIES of the Savanna is available on Amazon in softcover, hardcover, and eBook…and, on Kindle Unlimited, it is FREE! If you prefer a signed copy, they are available at

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CRIES of the Savanna
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