Why Medical Evacuation For Hunters Is So Important

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    Why Medical Evacuation For Hunters Is So Important!


    AfricaHunting.com recommends that anyone traveling to Africa purchase a medical evacuation membership. I have heard too many stories from hunters who were happy to have had such membership (or wished they did) not to believe that it is an important aspect of any well planned hunting safari. Thankfully most hunts come off without a hitch; however unavoidable unforeseeable circumstances or unfortunate incidents are an inevitability if you travel enough and we would like to see you protected from financial loss or worse.

    For a fraction of the cost of a hunting safari, a medical evacuation membershipis a worthwhile investment. This is especially true if you cannot afford to lose what may have taken you years to save or you wish to protect your savings from being depleted by an unfortunate event. You should be aware that regular travel insurance does not cover many activities undertaken by a hunter or adventure traveler, therefore you will need specialty developed exclusively for hunter's active lifestyles.

    Trying to decide on medical evacuation coverage can be complicated. For this reason, we have reviewed several medical evacuation companies and their products and have chosen to recommend Global Rescue. They are a well-known, respected and experienced company that offers high quality, comprehensive, affordable medical evacuation memberships designed specifically for traveling hunters, their observers and outdoor adventurers. You can find a lot of information about Global Rescue products and services on their website at www.globalrescue.com.

    Emergency Evacuation and Field Rescue Membership
    No matter if it's your first or fifth time hunting in Africa, unavoidable accidents do happen. Whether a medical or security emergency, an evacuation from a remote part of Africa could cost well over $100,000. I strongly recommend that anyone traveling to hunt purchase a membership with Global Rescue, the only crisis response company that provides hunters with medical and security evacuation and consultation services anywhere in the world, even the most remote areas. Their deployable teams of paramedics and special operations veterans, backed by on-staff physicians and the specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine, will get to you wherever you are, by any means necessary, and evacuate you all the way to your home country hospital of choice.
    Member benefits include:
    - 24hr medical advisory services from critical care paramedics and in-house physicians
    - Specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine available in real-time
    - Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury
    - Evacuation back to the member's home hospital of choice
    - Global network of medical Centers Of Excellence
    - Deployable medical and security teams
    - Evacuation services provided up to $500,000

    Memberships start at $119

    If you would like to purchase a membership or have additional questions, Global Rescue can be reached anytime at +1 (617) 459-4200, or via www.globalrescue.com, click here.


    [TD]Global Rescue LLC - Worldwide Emergency Evacuation and Field Rescue, Anytime Anywhere
    1 (617) 459-4200 - (800) 381-9754
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