WHITE HUNTERS by Brian Herne

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    You know, some books can just draw you in, and make turning the page almost an exciting experience, well, this little gem, WHITE HUNTERS by Brian Herne, is one of those. We all like different things in books, myself, I like a detailed book that delves into literary nooks and crannies and doesn't skimp on the finer details. WHITE HUNTERS is such a tome.
    Over 440 pages of pure research on the white hunters and their history right up to the end of the 1970's. Herne has produced a monumantal work that charts 'white hunters' from the conception of their name-tag right up to the time when the term is no longer used. All the top names are here and written and researched in chronological order. Theres 49 chapters and each one is a great read.
    I don't know if they do a hardback versiion, but my copy is softback and has seen some real heavy abuse with both fingers and eyes!
    This book is punctuated with many photographs (half-tones) which must be seen as a true glimpse into the world, and Africa, when it was a better place. One can only read in awe at some of the adventures written about and the game taken. And, of course, much of this is Dangerous Game, which, I'm sure get's all our heart's revving.
    In short, i recommend you buy this little, book and I know, with hand on heart, you will not be disapointed, in fact, it might even be one of the best books you've had the pleasure of reading. On Amazon it is very cheap, so theres no excuse for not reading a copy.....

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    I agree. I read this book some time ago and really enjoyed it. Might be time to re-read it and enjoy it all over again.

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