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Our dear hunters! Share your wishes where you would like to see our products so that it would be convenient and quick for you to purchase our products in South Africa.

Where do you usually buy your ammunition? We will try to make our products available to YOU in exactly the right place for YOU.
Please share in the commentaries you wishes.

With respect,
North Fork Technologies Team

Arrivals, J’berg airport…

Love your products, first rate
My first thought was it’s Africa Hunting selling without reading the name .

Second thought was the airport.

That said, can some African companies get together and do retail from the airport?

Hunting is an industry for African countries so don’t be afraid to sell it.
Safari Outdoors is the #1 store to go to for most of your hunting needs in RSA.

I do not believe you will ever see reloading supplies being sold inside of any airport.

+1 for Safari Outdoors. No trip to Jo’Burg is complete without a visit.

Also, I doubt very much that visiting hunters are the target customer. Who actually travels to Africa with a weapon and no loaded ammunition?
Any other gun shop in pretoria besides safari and outdoor
Zimbi is great
Directly from you and delivered via courier to my door. I would love to try them.
Contrary to popular belief, premium bullets aren’t a big seller amongst local hunters in SA. There are various reasons for this, such as…
- 99% of the time, they’re simply not necessary. Most local hunters use cartridges like 308, 30-06, 7x57 and 303 Brit at moderate velocities. Good old cup and cores like Gameking’s, Interlocks, SST’s and PMP’s have filled freezers for decades.
- Stock is always an issue! Because of low sales volumes, importers bring in minimal premium SKU’s. If your favourite bullets aren’t available, it can take up to a year or more before they’re on the shelves again.
- The retail markup on bullets is ridiculous! Most locals won’t even pay the current prices for Interlocks.
- Local competition. We have a number of very good local bullets available for a lot less than the imported products. Rhino, Peregrine, Claw, SBC to name a few.
- Stupidity! You see it all the time.
Top of the range rifle and optics, but they shoot the cheapest bullet or ammo they can find.

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