What's the ultimate African species to hunt?

Mountain Nyala for plains game and as long as we are looking for that 70+ kudu why not through in a 100+ elephant from Kenya ;)
Lord Derby Eland and Leopard........that's one thing I love about hunting Africa....variety!
Thank you very much for all the comments... All of the species seem to me very unique in their own way to hunt.
As for plains game, I would go with a old, greater Kudu bull on spot and stalk... Very challenging.
As for Big Five, I would say Leopard... For the simple reason, its one hell of a challenge. And getting a big Tom ALWAYS gets your heart going.
Bongo or Lord Derby Eland ... I am not sure that these will be on my shopping list and hunted by me.

White Rhino Or Elephant...However these are on my shopping list in a future safari...
Mature Lion on foot free range, Giant Forest Hog, roan and while I'm dreaming, a giant sable from Anglola (of course, that will never happen.)
Lion and lord derby eland, which just happen to be my next two hunts. :cool:
Few hunts get he adrenaline pumping as much as that of sitting in a leopard blind and hearing that cat come in... Will it get into the tree...? Is it the same Tom we saw on the trailcam pics...? Are we going to be quiet enough...? Will we get a shot???

And then of course there is Cape Buff in true free range country... Having spent days in search of or on fresh tracks and finally getting close... Are they going to see us...? Is the wind going to change...? Is there a big bull in there...? If so - are we going to get a shot at him?

Oh man... I love hunting!
Elephant hunting is high on my list and in August of this year I will at least experience the hunt - and depending how the tracking goes hopefully we will at least have a few close-quarters elephant encounters.

A C.A.R. safari has been at the very top of my wish list for a decade and I have a hunt organized for 2015. Still a whole away, might take the wife and girls along, and a mate of mine might come along formal hunt as well. Eland, bongo, giant forest hog and the endemic plains game.

Somewhere down the line we're gonna' need an East African hunt for Lesser Kudu, the gazelles and other local species. Maybe a lion somewhere in there? Lot of water has got to pass under this bridge for that to happen!
Lying prone in the long grass after a perfect stalk. Invisible to the game around you. Watching a lead Springbok buck graze across your front in the lead of his harem. Judging the curl and backward sweep of his horns. Correctly estimating the range and releasing a .308W 165 Woodleigh PPSN across 200 paces of grassveldt to watch it connect at the junction of neck, spine and shoulder and then realising he has dropped from sight. DRT.

That is the ultimate game.
A tracking hunt for Lion and Elephant is hard to beat.
PG: black lechwe
does anybody knows how expensive is to hunt black lechwe?:confused:
Eland Slam with pedestal mounts!

A Male Lion hunt!

anyone want to donate those to me? Dream'n :D
definately leopard and mountain nyala! :)

Nubian Ibex and lion.


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