What is the most common hunting method for wild lions?


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Dec 2, 2012
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That is, not captive bred lions.
About says it all.
So you shoot out of a blind? What is the typical distance that the blind is set up from the bait?

Probably 60-80 yards. PH preference
Botswana they used to track them because of the sandy soil I think..... Did it once in West Zambezi.. Between Angola border and the Zambezi River....same as it was Kalahari veldt so sandy.....but yeah vast majority on bait or occasionally coming across one when moving around.... Or hear calling and heading to try and find it....
Baiting. Tracking in the bush, pretty good chance of hunter becoming the prey.
One other on the list is Calling. Much less common.
There are places you are not allowed to bait Wild lions.
I have heard of wild Lions being tracked, but baiting seems to be the norm.
Yes.. In Tanzania we baited for lion and on checking baits, we got hits, with tracks leading away after the feed.. We tracked through the veld, but only got lionesses.. Male(s) hiding in thicker stuff??I shot my first lion in the camp.. The pride came in to get at the croc being skinned in the shed.. So, a VERY short track!!
What places is it illegal to bait for lions?
All depends where you hunt and then with who.

Baiting(distance from bait will be determined by terrain etc.) 50-100 meters.

Tracking, again determined by where. If fresh tracks are found and the terrain allows(sandy), they can be followed, especially when picked up early morning as the cats will rest up as soon as it heats up.

Opportunistic, meaning hunting during the rest of the day and bumping into lions while doing so, you should not look the gifted horse in the mouth(purely luck when this happens though). Fast decision making and action required when engaged.

Calling, can be very effective and may require more than a few day's to produce. Time consuming but you can call large male lions from a long distance off, especially the dominant ones. However as mentioned not legal to do so in many countries.
Places where it is also illegal to call lions in......
Each jurisdiction has its own rules.
Mouth calling vs electronic as well.
Seems tough to even find realistic wild lion hunting from my limited research. It’s number 1 on my bucket list but alas my bank account seems to disagree
Just out of curiosity, what countries in Africa offer most economic wild lion hunt?

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