What Does Good Taxidermy Cost?

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When it comes time to choose a taxidermist, you have endless options. From single-man operations to world-class studios and everything in between, navigating the industry is a job in itself. For many of us, price point is a big consideration. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and that’s absolutely true when it comes to your mount. So what does good taxidermy cost?

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The Going Rate

Most taxidermists, Animal Artistry included, offer price lists right up front. And as you compare price points, you’ll quickly see how a given taxidermist falls into the “cheap,” “moderate,” “expensive,” and “really expensive” categories. But anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a disappointing mount – often after waiting an exorbitant amount of time – will tell you one of the industry’s golden rules: don’t try to save money. If you’re willing to spend the time and money to get a particular animal mounted, it clearly means a great deal to you. Cutting corners with a taxidermist who promises to do the job for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the studio with the great reputation will backfire.

Your best bet is finding someone who has an impressive track record in mounts similar to what you’re envisioning. If you have a big cat, look for someone who clearly knows how to mount them. If you have a beautiful antelope, go with someone who has direct experience with African animals. Ask lots of questions about the studio’s process and timeline. You want to feel reassured that you and your mount are in good hands. Going by price alone means you’re dealing with bottom-of-the-barrel options, and you’ll see that reflected in your finished mount. But that doesn’t mean you need to rob a bank to get a beautiful mount.


Taxidermy Pricing at Animal Artistry

For years, Animal Artistry has maintained a reputation for high quality work at premium pricing. While we do believe that our work is exceptional, our prices are truly quite competitive. We hear this time and time again from first-time clients:

“The cost was no more than what I would have paid for individual mounts in Africa especially when factoring in the shipping and import clearance costs — again a huge learning experience for me.”

The complexity of the mount itself will impact price. If you’re envisioning a large, elaborate, multi-species piece, the price will go up. But while Animal Artistry is known for these kinds of splashy displays, the majority of our creations are classic mounts. We also offer the industry’s fastest turnaround – 90 days from deposit and confirmed pose.

Since we began in 1980, we’ve set new standards for artistic composition, dynamic elements, turnaround, and yes, pricing. While you can find other taxidermy studios offering similar price points, you won’t find the same quality of work and timeline guarantee. If you’re in the market for a taxidermist, don’t assume Animal Artistry is out of your price range. Contact us today, and let’s discuss the cost of excellent taxidermy.

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