Western Buffalo Hunt Offer US$15,000 Season 2024 & 2025 Cameroon


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We have 1 opening : Second half of February 2024. 2 hunters can buy this offer on the same period but they will hunt in the same car with 1 PH. Dates are yet to be confirmed depending on the time of booking. 6-7 days huntings.

We are located in the Faro area, and we hunt in block 5.

The hunt includes:

-meet and greet, custom clearance in Garoua.... or Ngoundere....Transfer to the hunting zone and return trip to the above airport
-Full board, staff’s services and laundry, house wine and drinks in camp in a reasonable limit.
-PH and trackers, The use of additional fly camps and equipment, vehicles during the safari
-Hunting permit
-Trophy fee, dip and pack shipment to Paris under customs (only for the buffalo)

The hunt doesn’t include:

-A species up to 1 for a Waterbuck is possible by just adding the trophy fee + the dps 500Euro per species with no extra hunting permit
-B/C species up to 4, is possible by just adding the trophy fee + the dps 500Euro per species with no extra hunting permit
-Transportation from home to Garoua/Ngaoundere
-Visa, gun permit, insurances, gratuities.
-In savannah mineral water (3,5E) per bottle, and wine list.
-Additional transfer outside of normal schedule 300E in savannah, in the rain forest cost on request.
-Meet and greet custom clearance in Douala or Yaounde, or hotel, transfer, and expenses outside of camp. Personal expenses and tips -Insurances for cancelation, travel (including repatriation for health reasons, rifles, and luggage).
-15% village tax on all trophy fees (buffalo as well)
-Wifi 300 Euros

List of Group A/B animals with trophy fees in Euro :

Baboon 700 Euros
Orange Monkey 900 Euros
Green Monkey 900 euros
Warthog 900 Euros
Duikers (red flank and grim) 900 Euros
Oribi 900 Euros
Civet 1000 Euros
Red River Hog 1500 Euros
Bushbuck 1500 Euros
Reedbuck 1500 Euros
Spotted Hyena 1500 Euros
Python 1500 Euros
Western Hartebeest 2000 Euros
Western Cob 2000 Euros
Waterbuck (group A) 2500 Euros

Payment of 50% on booking and 50% on the 15th of October 2023

For the hunting permit we will need :
4 ID photos
Copy of the passport
Copy of the rifle ID US paper
A prescription from MD saying: you are able to hunt north Cameroon

Note: Only one of each species can be shot during the safari, female and young are forbidden to hunt (double the fee will have to be paid), a wounded animal not found is considered shot and the fee will have to be paid.

Feel free to email me for more information and bookings: rgdahlan@hotmail.com

Instagram : faroeast




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Just a couple of questions, do you have rifle rental? How far/long is the road transfer to your camp from the 2 airports? And the 500 euro DPS includes shipping to France?
We prefer that the hunter brings his own gun and ammo but if there is no choice we can rent a you a riffle for 900 euros and 25 euros/bullets. From Ngaoundere it is around 2h30 and garoua approximately 4h30/5h. However we will do our best to make you go trough ngaoundere. Yes shipping under custom at paris’ airport !

Good offer. Something about this buffalo is very appealing, I will do this hunt one day.
Good offer. Something about this buffalo is very appealing, I will do this hunt one day.
Whenever you are ready let me know and we’ll organize that !
Is this animal the same as the forest buffalo?
We now have one spot available as well for season 2025
offer still available
Upgrade possible for Lord derby eland on demand for season 2025
Buffalo pic
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They are a beautiful Buffalo!
They are a beautiful Buffalo!
Thanks ! Our 12 month anti poaching units are working very hard to ensure the quality of the trophies and to protect the wildlife !
Hello Romain,
Would this offer still be available in 2024?
What would be the best time to come?
Would I be able to bring my own double rifle? It is a Heym 450/400 with a red dot sight and I can shoot it accurately to about 120 metres.
I just sent you a PM
2 hunters can buy this offer together in one car / 1 PH
Another great buffalo trophy !

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