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Oct 1, 2007
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I wanted to welcome Norma-USA our newest sponsor and our first ammunition manufacturer to the site. I am excited to have them on board not just for their recognition and support of our community but also because they'll be sharing lots of interesting info, articles and videos about their products as well as ammunition in general with us. I think they will be a great addition to our very active group of firearm and ammunition enthusiasts on AH.

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Super-I have wanted to try some Norma ammo now I certainly will!
Thanks for supporting this great forum.
Welcome to AH Norma
Norma- Welcome to the best hunting forum on the internet.
We look forward to your participation.
Many would like to know more about your products.
Norma, we're very glad you're here. Welcome!
Way to go Norma!!!....going to try some of your 470 amo.
Welcome. I have only good things to say about your products and hopefully you will get the distribution you deserve to get your products out where the average John Q Shooter has access.
If limited to just two rifle powders, I could be very happy with N201 and N204.
N201 has been very versatile in my rifles: I use it in .220 Swift (excellent accuracy), .250 Savage (excellent accuracy with 75 gr and 87 gr bullets), 30/30, 32/40. 32 Special, 9x56 MS, and 9.3x62 Mauser loadings.
N204, similar to RL19 in burning weight, is a very heavy powder. I shoot a lot of 7x57, where internal space is at a premium. I have gotten high velocity, good accuracy, and no pressure excursions using N204 in my 7x57. The loads are higher than most published but my "old school" pressure calculations are in line with .270 and .243 pressures and brass (often Norma) lasts many loadings.
Again, thanks for your sponsorship and keep us posted as to your advancement in distribution.
I never heard of Norma until I found this place. I gave it a try and I was very surprised at how accurate it shot in my rifle. Plus it comes it neat little plastic cartridge wallets. So far I am very impressed with this ammo. I'll be taking these along on my first safari in April.
Welcome to AH Norma-USA, thanks for the support.
I like Norma ammo, I wish they would make a 416 ruger though.
If they would only answer my inquiry as to how to go about getting some of their 375 H&H ammunition loaded with the 300 grain Swift A Frame......
It looks like Norma-usa's website is no more. I always enjoy their cartridge of the month article and I went to check out what they had for March but it's gone. Hopefully it's just an issue with their hosting provider and they'll be back.
It looks like Norma-usa's website is no more. I always enjoy their cartridge of the month article and I went to check out what they had for March but it's gone. Hopefully it's just an issue with their hosting provider and they'll be back.
I just contacted Norma-USA to let them know that their site was down, thanks for letting us know.
Norma is a great company. If you're not familiar with Norma you may have used their products anyway. Weatherby ammo and Nosler ammo is Norma made at least in part.
I am planning on using Norma African PH ammo in .375 H&H magnum with 350 grain Woodleigh solids on Elephant this summer. Will post results.
Been using them for a few years now, won't switch to anything else easy.
Last year I was having some trouble with my Remington .300 Ultra Mag. Went through all kinds of ammo and even had an inch taken off the barrel due to a rifling defect. In the end the Norma ammo was by far the most accurate out of that gun. I now have a Proof Research 300 RUM on order. Can't wait to run some Norma rounds through it! Great Product.
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