Weird mosquito looking bug with stinger!


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Apr 25, 2010
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So what the heck is this thing I swatted tonight? Looks sort of like a moz but appears to have a fat stinger. Its about 3/4" long.
Horse fly?
LOL, yeah, not a small house fly. This is 3 times larger than the one pictured, which to my mind is not a fly as we know them.
Robber fly, I believe.
After looking at many pictures, it appears to be a type of crane fly.
I looked at some pics of them, looks more like a type of crane fly. Whatever it is, its odd for here.
I looked at some pics of them, looks more like a type of crane fly. Whatever it is, its odd for here.
Crane flies here in Ohio have long, spindly legs. Robber flies have thicker legs, for grabbing onto other insects. Watched one catch and kill a hornet, butterflies, pretty fast, efficient killers.
I found there are many types of crane flies. Comparing this one to several pics, it looks like one of them, but I aint no bug expert! The usual crane flies we get here are really long legged big critters that we used to call mosquito hawks. This thing here is a bit different than what I am used to seeing.
Common in Texas also. Especially in the country.
So what do you call them down there, and I am a long way from Texas!!
The word "Jurassic" comes to mind. Yikes!
I posted this question on another forum and some of the fellas agree that its a robber fly, the common grey robber fly to be exact. I guess they get much larger in other parts of the country, up to 2"
Quite a coincidence, I saw one in my garage today. I agree on the robber fly identification.
Its an invasion!!!!!!!!!
Rarely comment on them as they never bother me. If that happens, you can call them deceased by poison or being swatted.
Because we have horses, during spring , summer and early fall I put out Fly Predators every month to reduce the fly population. Those tiny little wasps may also like robber fly eggs.
Do you concur with robber fly?
As others have said, it is a Robber fly of the family Asilidae. Predatory and generally don't bother people. But if you handle them, do it carefully, they will bite if they think you are trying to hurt them. It's a bite that hurts, not a sting.
A good insect to have around.

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