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Mar 21, 2015
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There is not a thread for these beautiful creatures. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. This was the most rewarding hunt of my trip to South Africa this spring.

A beautiful old Waterbuck trophy, nicely done! Thanks for staring the Waterbuck thread...
Ok, I'll play!

Taken with Tootabi May 2015.

Tim Arbeiter_Waterbuck (22).JPG
Some nice Waterbuck gents, well done .

a Couple of years ago, on a family hunt, my brothers first animal ever hunted , a Waterbuck bull, I was fortunate to be on foot with him. At that stage he was still at Varsity, so our dad and myself had to pay for the bull, after I insisted he take the shot.:Happy: , anyway, I would do it all over again for the opportunity to accompany him on his first ever animal hunted.


2 Years after that I got my opportunity, took the shot very late in the day, I managed to stalk the animal within 20 meters.

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Got my Waterbuck earlier this year, late May, 2o15. I was hunting with John Sharp in the Bubye Valley Conservacy in southern Zimbabwe. A bit of a tale to tell about this one. We had spotted a number of Waterbuck in the area. We got out and started to move into the bush and about 2 minutes into it, we bump into a pretty decent one about 50 yards from us. It runs off before I even get the rifle off my shoulder. So we keep working the area and keep seeing them, but it's getting late in the day. We're moving along and the tracker squats down, John puts up the sticks, I put the rifle on them and find the target at about 90-100 yards. I gently squeeze the trigger on the Ruger M77, 300 win mag and the gun goes CLICK. This has never happened to me while hunting and only once that I can remember on the range. Waterbuck runs off, our hunting for the day looks to be done. Turns out when I took the gun off safety (tang safety MKI), I must have hit the bolt handle on something and it raised up a bit. The firing pin did not strike the primer. I mentioned to John Sharp that I could at least be thankful that it didn't happen in a dangerous game charge. John just looked at me and patted his Rigby 470 NE double gun and said, "that's what this is for."

We start walking back to the truck and we are maybe 200 yards from reaching it, we bump into another Waterbuck. It's standing broadside to me, 60 yards tops. The sticks go up, the rifle is leveled, trigger squeezed and this time the gun goes BANG. Waterbuck takes one step and goes down. Happy ending.

one, me and roy wormald snuck in on last year in the east cape , I kinda regret not taking him ................could've easily arrowed him .but collected a trophy photo instead

the mount of the one a hunted with dries visser safaris in 2010


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Awesome creatures! Mine from 2012 in RSA -
Thanks Larry

Was a great shot from his 308win.A quartering shot on the shoulder. The round was found under the skin of his back hip. It was a S&B factory round with a 168 gr Barnes TSX point. The round smashed his shoulder and penetrated through his vitals.The Waterbuck was DRT

Welcome to Africa hunting!
2014 Waterbuck with KMG


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