Warm Weather Socks with Courteney Boots?

I’m a fan of merino wool running socks. Local running stores will have pairs you can try on. I don’t like the extra padding, so I get the thinner version. Wool is more comfortable when wet, and feet sweat in hot weather. Also, something other than just black is nice because it is easier to find them in the laundry back home. Socks are not monogamous, as we hope, they always seem to try and escape.
Courtney+top quality bamboo+top quality, proper fitting liner/arch support!

Note, I own several pairs of old well used pairs of courtneys, but the new canvas-leather is my new best friend. For me no breakin
I use the Underarmour hiking socks that have the padding on th e heel. Note that is will be hot in November so get a sock that will wick away the moisture.
I've read thin liner socks are a good idea✔️
I wore my Courteney boots for the entire trip for travel and hunting ✔️
If the boots are the right fit you will find the right sock.
Get the right fit boot!
I’ll echo what other have said regarding merino wool. I wear them 365. The key to comfort in both heat and cold is moisture wicking. I have also found them to be durable.
+1 and they are nice to have on when the weather turns cooler than expected like it did for us in SA two weeks ago. The outside temp sensor in the PH's bakkie read -3 C one morning.

Hunt notes from that morning's hunt start off:
Friday 7/23, day 5:
Very Cold. skim ice on ponds. fingers freezing.

But my toes were comfy. :)
Darn Tough Light Hiker/Boot sock or Mid-weight Hiker/Boot sock

I concur. I just received 6 new pairs of light and midweights. I also got a couple low cuts for when I wear lower shoes. I'll probably buy some more in a few months so I can wear nothing but darn toughs year round. Foot comfort and health is important.
Check out Thorlos combat boot socks. They come in extra thick padding.
Why do you guys wear wool or "smartwool" in the heat?
A pair of medium thickness (not dress sock thin) SmartWool socks are actually great for warm weather. They wick moisture away to help prevent blisters. They’re also surprisingly comfortable in the heat. One of the great features of wool is that they are cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool. Dunno how.
I bought the Rohner trekking socks. Also purchased another pair of padded hiking socks from Bass Pro. Both of them make a difference in how your feet feel after walking all day versus just regular weight socks. I did not notice my feet sweating anymore than with a regular sock.

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