Wanted Heavy-for-caliber 7mm Premium Hunting Bullets


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Jan 12, 2019
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Looking for 150-200 7mm hunting bullets for an upcoming hunt. Preferably these would be 165gr and up. Please PM. Thank you


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Yesterday, I received a message from Midway USA that they had Hornady 7mm 175 gr ELD-X bullets in stock. $49 for 100. Today they are out.

I have bought off of GB some Nosler Partitions in 7mm 175 gr recently. Suggest you keep an eye on GB and you should be able for find something in the 160-175 gr range. Speer Grand Slam bullets are readily available. Lots of Hornady 162 gr SST and ELD-X available too, for a reasonable price.
I currently use Sellier & Bellot 175 Gr Nosler Partition factory loads.
sorry, those were match not hunting bullets...
If I can get my brain off work and not forget, I will check my shelf when I get home and see what I may have.
Bullets to load or factory ammo?
Looking for 150-200 7mm hunting bullets for an upcoming hunt. Preferably these would be 165gr and up. Please PM. Thank you

Two things to consider 1. Is the twist fast enough to stabilize the long heavy bullets? 2. Will you have enough velocity for a bullet to work?
I have a box of Speer Gram Slams in 160 grain. I do not consider them a 'premium' bullet, so can't recommend them.
I have Berger 180 VLDH. They'll work in a nine or faster twist.
Such a pity that the Woodleigh 175gr PPs are in short supply; Geoff MacDonald does ALL his testing in the hunting fields, and commends this bullet to perform at IMPACT velocity between 2,000 and 3,000 fps. His loading manual lists loads for any 7mm you care to name, from 7X57 up to 7mm W'by Mag. ...
@MRogersII don’t forget those Barnes TTSX bullets in 140gr and 150gr are volumetrically bigger than the lead core bullets you’re seeking in that 170gr+ class too. (They shoot flat because they are light, they expand large because copper is 22% bigger than the same lead bullet)
What chambering are you going to be shooting them in? Speed and distance shooting are important considerations.
I believe I have a few bags of Nosler 175 gr Partitions. Send me a PM if interested.
Good afternoon, Gentlemen. Thank you all for the responses. The cartridge is a 7mm-300 Wby with a 27" 8-twist. I originally built this rifle for ELR purposes and am switching it over to just a hunting rifle. Given the case size, I would prefer to stay 165gr and heavier, otherwise managing velocities becomes problematic. As for bullet preferences, I try to steer away from Bergers, I've just had too many pass through an animal with minimal expansion. A-frames, Partitions, even Accubonds and Ballistic Tips have been very successful.

Thank you again

Your problem with the Bergers is likely the result of failing to check the tips before shooting them. My last group of reloads was around 8% plugged tips and several partially plugged. Clean them out and they become an excellent bullet that expands properly. I killed 11 animals earlier this year in Africa including a 46 inch Sable and a 31 inch Aoudad. Last trip a couple of years ago I think between me and my buddy it was 24 animals including 3 eland. You might reconsider taking @Hogpatrol up on his offer. If you want to learn more about how they have worked for me, let me know and I'll send links to the hunt reports. 7mm SAUM running the 180's at 2910 fps.


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