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Sep 12, 2017
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Looking for a Black Bear hunt in preferably Montana or Wyoming. Maybe Canada as well. I believe most hunts are 2:1 or am I wrong? 2:1 I would never do, only me and the outfitter, in other words 1:1 is what I want. Spot and go - no hounds, no bait either. I would bring my rifle along, a Krieghoff single shot.

Any recommendations for areas/outfitters?
There are Outfitters in B.C. that do spot and stalk in areas with great bear populations.

Here we have Outfitters and Guides VS Outfitters and PH's.

1:1 hunting should not be an issue wherever you choose to hunt. Some places will have multiple hunters in camp though.
Thank you, other hunters in camp would be fine, as long as they are nice
Check out Maine outfitters too, loads of black bear. Beware of fancy Western state websites.
Check out the GOABC (Guides Outfitters Association British Columbia) website you should be able to find what you are looking for there.
Have hunted Kevan Bracewell's BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters https://www.bctrophymountainoutfitters.com/ three times with great success. This is all spot and stalk spring black bear with lots of color phase animals around. Like any outfitter anywhere, your guide to client ratio is whatever you are willing and able to book. On a typical May hunt, you will see at least 10 - 20 boars in a week of hunting. Great folks in a great area for spring bear.
Keegan McCarthy, Coastal Alaska Adventures. I hunted with him on a recommendation from my brother (USFWS) and his contacts in Alaska Fish and Game. My cinnamon black bear squared 7'2" with a 18 7/8" skull. He takes a lot of bears around 7' square and 19" skulls. Plus, it's boat based, cruise, spot, stalk. When not hunting, you can fish, put out crab traps, whale watch, etc. He is usually booked up a year or two in advance.

Take a look at Big Country Outfitters in BC,
I believe Mike has about 10,000 sq. miles of exclusive area. I hunted with him 2 yrs. ago we covered a lot of ground and saw good bearevery day.
Mike really knows bear hunting.
Following with interest. Bear is high on my list.
You mentioned one of your preference is Montana. Check out Rising Son Outfitters, http://www.huntinginmontana.com/

I've been primarily elk hunting and a few bear hunts with Randy and Dena Petrich for going on 20 years. You will hunt 1x1 and likely be the only hunter in camp. You will do a bunch of horse riding and spot and stalk. Hunting is in May and early June.
You may want to look at Alberta Canada. I believe you can take two bears.
You may want to look at Alberta Canada. I believe you can take two bears.
That's correct, in the northern half of the province. There's also a fair number of colour phase bears in Alberta, so there's a good chance of getting something other than a black black bear. You can also use different hunting methods. In the spring particularly, spot and stalk is quite productive along seismic cut lines and the like. Baiting is allowed in areas where there are no grizzly bears. While baiting may not be everyone's cup of tea, it can be interesting to pass a day or two watching bears come to the bait. Big and small, sows and boars, cubs, yearlings and more mature bears. Lots of fun even if you're only going to shoot with a camera. You can hunt with bows or rifles and so far I think, with spears (there was a movement to ban spear hunting - not sure if they succeeded).

Our bears in Alberta are typically not as large as those in the coastal areas of British Columbia, the province next door. As an aside, though, BC is populated, or so it seems, by anti-oil and gas types, although they seem to consume the stuff readily enough. I suggest you stick to Alberta, unless you strongly prefer the California type of government.
If spot and stalk is an absolute then that narrows down the search. BC is great for your requirements. I sure wouldn't toss in the towel on Montana either. Won't be as consistent with the big boys out of BC/AK but there are some big boys that are taken yearly that I know of personally.
If you want area specific recommendations for Montana or Alaska send me a PM. Best of luck with the search.

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