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Mar 20, 2016
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Looking to see if anyone has some either once fired or new brass with a 416 Taylor headstamp...

I've got more than a hundred 458 Win Mag that have been re-sized for the taylor on hand.. and have about 20 properly head stamped pieces on hand as well..

But.. Im giving serious consideration to taking the taylor to Africa this year and would like to have a bit more with the proper head stamps if I can find it..

I'd prefer Norma.. but would be happy with Qual Cartridge, or anything else thats out there...

Happy to make trades as well.. its possible I've got something in the safe or the ammo locker or on the reloading bench that might be interesting...

Midway, Graffs, Brownells, Mid-South, etc.. all seem to be 416 Taylor barren at the moment (and have been for a while..).. and I've had no luck with gunjoker of late either..

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Still cant find brass....

But I did find a place that has 375gr Norma Solids on clearance for not a whole lot more than what the brass alone is retailing for (when you can find it).. I just picked up a couple of boxes.. I'll use it for range/practice ammo.. and then reload the brass with my barnes TSX for the upcoming hunt... :)

If anyone else is needing 416 Taylor brass or ammo... this is where I found the solids..

FWIW a lot of their norma ammo is on clearance right now (not particularly wonderful pricing if you compared to 2 years ago... but honestly not too bad at all in todays market)...

416 Rem Mag and 458 Lott (solids) are also on clearance (for the same price as the Taylor ammo)


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As a follow up...

I've never bought from ammoshoponline.com before... so I wasnt sure how the transaction would go down (sadly these days I am suspicious of any "good deals" I find online related to ammo or reloading component purchases)...

I am very happy to report.. Things went perfectly..

I got a confirmation email of the purchase within a minute of completing the transaction.. I got another email the next day telling me the ammo had shipped that also provided me with a tracking number that told me the ammo would be delivered to my house by Wednesday (yesterday)..

The ammo was actually delivered Tuesday afternoon (thats pretty darn fast considering I didnt buy until mid day on Friday, and they "shipped" on Saturday..).. packaged well, etc.. and in the condition described (new, factory ammo)..

I'll be watching ammoshoponline.com in the future for sales and other bargains..
I wish DoubleTap would get their act together. Several years ago before the current shortage, they had a number of .416 Taylor loadings available. They haven't had those or ANYTHING else large or any bore available since then. Kind of similar to the MIA Swift bullets. They must manufacture them in their garages? LOL

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