Want To Buy Or Trade For Ruger M77/m77 MK II Frontiers, Compacts & Rl Ultra Light Rifles


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Oct 3, 2021
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WANT TO BUY OR TRADE FOR: Ruger M77/M77 Mk IIs in the MKII FRONTIER (14.5" barrell) Compact (16" barrels) and the RL's or ULTRA LIGHTS (with 20" barrels).

Interest in all calibers and Ill pay cash or trade or part trade. If you have something you are not going to use any longer let me know and lets see if we can make a deal on it/them.
BOTTOM is FRONTIER (14.5" barrel)
COMPACT (Has 16" barrels)
ULTRA LIGHT (20"barrels are typical but 18" barrels can be found and ALL have the ebony fore-ends)

They made these in a few different looks as far as the Compacts go but all the RLs/Ultra Lights have the ebony fore-end. Let me know what you have an in what calibers and configurations.

Just an FYI, you are going to have to do some paperwork in the US for any rifle under 16" s for a barrel. That makes it an SBR, which is an NFA item.
Just an FYI, you are going to have to do some paperwork in the US for any rifle under 16" s for a barrel. That makes it an SBR, which is an NFA item.
I was going to say the same thing. That, and I hadn't heard that Ruger made a MKII Frontier with anything shorter than a 16" tube.
Thanks gents for bringing the typo to my attention.

******FRONTIER models have 16.5" barrels!******
Found a couple nice in local shop but still looking for them so let me know! Got a 7mm-08 here that is a nice rifle. Let me know what Rugers you have! THanks
Have those...looking for the more typical Ruger 77s like listed. Thanks for the offer though.
The Frontiers are fantastic rifles. My kids have a compact and a frontier. The Frontier will shoot circle around…er…rather inside the compact.

Good luck with your search!
Frontiers were discontinued in like...2009 or 2010 i think??? Thanks!
I'm going to list a RUGER M77 HAWKEYE AFRICAN 9.3X62 here is a few days. Never shot and have the box. If you are interested let me know.
I believe so, yes. The one I offered to you in 300 wsm was gone within a day. Traded even up for a stainless laminate Ruger No 1 im 7mm Rem Mag.
I dont remember getting a pm but no worries as im not a short magnum guy. Appreciate it though. thanks

EDIT: i saw it listed up above...missed it until just now but no harm no foul. thanks again.
I have a M77 mrkll in 30-‘06 20” bbl. All factory with plain forend.
Appreciate the offer on the mkII 06 but im more looking for the frontier, compact and lwt variants. Also any low production or special run variants. Thanks

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