VZ-24 Mauser 9.3x62 Custom


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Jul 26, 2013
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Have a couple 9.3's. So going to let one go. Custom built on VZ-24 military action, 21 in Barrel, NECG sights, safety change to scope friendly option, Timmney Trigger, bore is in great shape, bluing is great. Shoots my hand loads under 1 MOA out to 300. (farthest I have shot it) Comes with RCBS reloading dies. Currently has a RITON 1-8 scope on it.

Rifle only $950 Rifle and scope $1350 delivered to your FFL

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PM sent
Rifle is SPF
Thank you everyone that sent a PM and looked at this rifle.
AZ Dave, I purchased a VZ - 24 last weekend. I took it to the range earlier today. (See my post.) One of the things I'm considering is building a 9.3 x 62, i.e. exactly like the one you just sold. If I hadn't been out to supper when this was posted I might have been the proud new owner. What did it take for you to convert it to a 9.3 x 62?
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I have been watching these classifieds like a hawk and I missed this as soon as I look away. lol
@Shootist43 I am going to assume that yours is a military rifle.

Are you doing the work or having it done? Below is a very simplified set of steps.

1. Disassemble the rifle from the military stock.
2. Remove the barrel from the action.
3. Have the action rebarreled ,chamberecd, and headspcae done by a gunsmith or by one of the barrel manufactures.
3a Drill and tap action for scope bases
4. Weld on a new bolt handle.
5. put a scope friendly flag style safety on the bolt or
5a. Install a aftermarket trigger that has the safety built into the trigger assembly.
6. Do the magazine work to work with the 9.3 round
7. Do the work on the action to get it to feed %100.
8. Do all the stock work to fit the action and bottom metal, apply oil finish to stock, and checker the stock and class bed the action, free float the barrel
9. Install the sling studs
10 , Assemble the rifle and test fire
11. mount the scope, zero with your choice of ammo and go hunting.

If it is something you want to do PM me a phone number and I can give you a call and walk you through each in detail

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