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Dec 12, 2014
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We just returned from our annual hog hunt with Jody Starr outfitting. My Dad and I have hunted with Jody for eleven or twelve years now. My daughter, who incedently will be joining me at KMG this June) started coming with us about 6 years ago, and Mom began coming along 3 years ago. It started with Dad, I and a few friends looking for an affordable hunt to break up the Wisconsin winter, get away from work and the girls, and relax back in the early years, and has evolved into a family break from winter to visit friends ( Jody and staff) and hopefully fill a freezer with pork.
This year, South Texas was green, meaning they've gotten some rain. This is good for the ranchers and all of the wildlife as food is relatively abundant. It also makes the animals a little harder to hunt then dry years. But whether we kill a bunch or not, we always love this vacation/ hunt, and this was no exception.
Daughter got the biggest with this 255# boar:
She also managed a record in her mind, by getting 6 pigs with one shot. ( She shot the sow she has aiming at and five piglets just happened to lined up perfectly behind her). She may have done a fair bit of bragging around the campfire that night:) .
I managed to get a nice kitty:
and a 175# boar:
Mom, a had a blast looking a critters and taking pictures (which she enjoys much more than shooting anyway). She did get a chance to shoot a few times but wasn't able to connect.
Dad also struggled with a few misses but did connect on a 140 pounder.
Every year we go there, it seems to get harder to leave. Not a fancy hunt or a trophy hunt, but is far and away the best and most relaxing use of a few days' vacation I use up every year.
Those TX Hog hunts are a blast. Southwest TX generally provides a break from my Michigan winters as well. The first time we went I shot a little over 930 lbs. of hog. The second time I got skunked but my grandsons did connect so I was happy. I agree that TX Hog Hunts are a great way to break in new hunters. Game is usually plentiful and the cost is reasonable. I see we use the same point of aim. Not much meat wasted and no need to track.
Looks like serial fun.
Thanks for sharing.
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Looks like you folks did alright for yourselves!
I see we use the same point of aim. Not much meat wasted and no need to track.
Yes sir, I've seen too many big hogs take a well placed .30-06 bullet behind the shoulder do the drop-flop, and then run away forever over the years. Not to mention tracking through the thorns and cactus at night while alternately looking for blood and rattelsnakes. It's much easier to wait for the right shot so you can drive the truck right to them.
By the way, For anyone wanting to take a bobcat out of Texas, I highly recommend against going to the Texas Parks and Wildlife office in Austin, esp. during South by SouthWest week. We've made this same mistake three times over the years ( yes, I'm a very slow learner) . The folks there are very friendly, but seem quite lost everytime we stop. Apparently no-one else ever stops at the headquarters for a tag.
BTW, sisnce we started keeping track a few years ago, our best haul back was 840 pounds of pork.
well done all. 6 in one that will be bragging rights for the rest of her life
No better way to hunt than with family! Man, I'm super jealous! I was supposed to be on my spring pig hunt this last week. But I decided it would be more fun to have back surgery instead... Microdiskectomy at the L5/S1. So I worked it out with the outfitter. He is holding my hunt for when I can stand and walk, and is willing to work with me on scheduling. I can't wait to have some pork, and hopefully a nice tusker for a euro mount.

Congrats on the hunt! I love that it seems you've made a family annual event out of it. Very cool. :)
Wow! What a fun time with the family!
You're daughter is stacking them like cord wood!
Congratulations on a great winter vacation!

I'm jealous! Hunting hogs on my buddy's ranch in the TX hill country is where I first discovered my passion for hunting. I haven't been back in about 5 years now- I miss it!
A great vacation it was. Forrest

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