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Aug 28, 2022
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I was fortunate enough to draw an alligator permit here in GA this year. It typically takes 5-7 years to draw one in the zone I like hunting in, which includes Lake Seminole. A good friend of mine drew a tag for this area in 2019 and we were able to take the biggest alligator I’ve ever had a part in taking, so hopes were high when me and my future son-in-law headed over on Monday September 4th. We got to the lake around 7:00 pm and started looking for a gator. We were able to get hooked up with one around 10:00 pm. We had him on the line for about 30 minutes but he was able to break us off in an underwater brush pile.

Since this was probably going to be the only chance we would have to get a hunt in this season and I didn’t fancy the idea of tag soup, we carried on. For the next several hours of it was really slow with just a few gators spotted. Finally around 3:00 am we’re we’re able to get hooked up with a pretty decent gator and after about a 40 minute fight we were able to get him boat side and dispatched. 8 feet, 8 inches long. Has a real pretty hide that will make some nice leather and will provide some good meals as well. Now to focus on trying to get an arrow in one of the nice deer I’ve been getting trail camera pics of.

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Congrats! That is a fine looking gator (completely inexperienced opinion). I also agree on the fine eating (this I do have experience on, LOL). Best of luck during deer season. Just a couple more weeks until the Illinois opener. Can’t wait.
Where are you bringing the gator to get processed for leather?
American Tanning Company in Griffin, GA. They have done several for me over the years and I have been real pleased with their work.

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