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Sep 20, 2014
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Good Afternoon All,
I just got back from hunting on the Rockin G Ranch with our very own Gizmo from AH. The hunt was for Coyotes and other pests that inhabit the pan handle of Texas.
I drove up from Houston with a friend of mine Sunday morning and met Erik(Gizmo) and Chuck(Mekaniks) in Turkey, TX. We followed Gizmo out to the ranch, along the way I was very impressed with the real estate, lots of rolling hills and green grass, not the Amarillo I was expecting. We pulled through the gate and the lodge looked great, sets on high ground over looking fields and long draws, beautiful. We unloaded our gear and Gizmo made a great lunch, and we took a ride around the ranch.
view from lodge.jpg

View from the back porch of the lodge.
gizmos ranch.jpg

View from a bluff on the Rockin G Sheep section. Deep and steep, perfect for sheep, not for a fat boy.
We went out and called that evening until dark, Gizmo and Mekaniks had a couple dogs come in but no shots. Shelby and I walked down into a draw and called till dark with no luck. There may have been a critter coming in and turned around when they seen me swatting mosquitos like a windmill. NOTE: Remember thermacell next hunt.
We went back to the lodge and Gizmo whipped up a fine meal of Texas Dall backstrap and Rocky Mountain Oysters, well Turkey Texas Oysters(Sheep Balls). Erik went above and beyond to make us feel at home and fed us like kings.
After supper we decided to go do a little night hunting, this was where it got epic, running around the ranch like a bunch of kids shooting rabbits and raccoons. We all had a blast and gave Erik a new past time. If he posts a deal for a Rockin G Rabbit Safari, JUMP ON IT!
Rockin G Rabbits.jpg

Rabbit Safari(no rabbits were harmed in the making of this report)

Day 2
We kind of over slept after getting in at 2am the night before, we had breakfast and were out the door by the crack of 10. We were over on a section of ground that holds the sheep and goats, there are some beautiful exotics on his ranch. A Texas Dall really peaked my interest and we started hunting a Dall. We walked all over the section and couldn't locate them again until that evening. We spotted the sheep and moved down into a location for a shot. Below is the result of a 264 WM on a Texas Dall. Very pretty animal.
Texas Dall.jpg

We followed this up with another night of running around the ranch in the middle of the night busting Jack Rabbits with high power rifles and having a blast.
I had a great time with these guys, it took all of about 15 minutes to feel like I've known them for years and would not hesitate to call them my friends. Erik runs a first class operation, his plans on the horizon are going to be great when he gets them accomplished. If you are looking for a stress free place to go get away and have one hell of a time, the Rockin G Ranch is a good option. Thanks Guys for a Great A Great Time!
That is awesome and must of been all kinds of fun. I hope to get down there sometime next year myself.
That is awesome and must of been all kinds of fun. I hope to get down there sometime next year myself.
I highly recommend the trip Bill
I highly recommend the trip Bill

Just talked about this with my friend in new mexico. Thinking I can plan a turkey hunt in texas and new mexico around the same time frame and make the trip from Pa. really worth it. Just cant see flying all that way for a few days of hunting but make it a double dip of hunting I will make that work some how.
if you take Dakota , that will turn it into a quadripple dipp , billy...............
if you take Dakota , that will turn it into a quadripple dipp , billy...............

If I do is not even a question it is if I get to hunt to. Hell he is 16 going to 17 by then so he can help drive and make the trip easier on his dad now. LOL I don't hunt with out him anymore that much. The only time is if I draw a tag and he is in school. I will cross my fingers for a quadripple dip though as that would be a great trip. I think gizmo has more birds then the place in new mexico has but they are two different turkeys and I want Dakota to get the turkey slam.
Glad you guys had a great time hunting together. Thanks for sharing your experience.

That's looks green for west Texas. Your place looks great Gizmo.
Cody, thanks buddy I had a great time! Tetse flys got nothing on Texas Mosquitos lol.
Wheels thanks man. All the rain has really greened everything up.
That is awesome and must of been all kinds of fun. I hope to get down there sometime next year myself.
Bill that would be great if you could make it next year. We could mix it up too with some hogs and exotics if yall would like. Maybe even get in a night time rabbit safari lol.
I will attest that this hunt was a BLAST!!! We all showed up as AH aquatances and left as friends. Bullthrower338 and his friend Shelby were great to hunt with. Gizmo went above and beyond to ensure that we all had a great hunt.
After Bullthrower338 and Shelby left on Tuesday, Gizmo and I went over to Cap Rock Canyons State Park for some local site seeing and then had a fantastic BBQ brisket dinner at the B&B in downtown Turkey, TX on the way back to the lodge. Super good times!!
Afterwards, when we got back to the lodge a small group of hogs was working the edge of one of the wheat fields and the spot and stalk was on. After about 20 minutes of sneaking through the mesquite and grass, I missed, not once but several (3) times (goes to show that it happens to the best of us once in awhile:S Lol:) Anyway, after that we set up for more hogs on a field in a blind with corn on the ground, and night vision set up on Gizmo's rifle. No hogs came in but we stayed until almost 11:00pm which was absolutely as late as we could and still have time to clean, pack, and get some sleep before heading back to the Amarillo Airport at 0600 am.
Gizmo runs a first class operation and showed he will do everything possible to provide a successful hunt. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a quality Texas hunt.
I am looking forward to a spring turkey hunt with Rockin G next year and maybe a Texas Dall also even though I would go back just for the good times and rabbit shooting. Oh yea, That Dall that Bullthrower338 took was a stud!! :A Big Hello:
Wow what a great way to get some spring hunting in! Way to go guys! And love that sheep Cody!
Wow what a great way to get some spring hunting in! Way to go guys! And love that sheep Cody!
Thanks Bob, it was a great way to get away from the routine that ya fall into, if ya don't kick your boots up and lean back in a chair once in a while you can get consumed by everything around you except for living. I'm going to do this more often I've decided. It brought the "I want to choke the living hell out of you for no apparent reason" that builds up in ya, down to a lower level, but Houston will get me over that soon! Lol
Thanks Chuck, we'll get ya a big ol Tom this spring.
Glad you guys had a good time and great hunt! Erik and crew are a good bunch of guys!

Sounda like a great time was had!

I can just see Cody wimdmillimg those mosquitoes. LOL
There was a few times I thought the Mosquitos we're going to pick us up and carry us away.
You don't have time to be lookin around AH........back to the report!lol
Hey boys.....what a good thing to see that you know how to make good hunts and have fun with good people......

Cody.....great write up of the hunt you did there and good trophies.....!!!!

Erik......congrats about the hunting operation you are running there and the way you do.....!!!!!

Chuck......don´t worry about the missed shoots, and doesn´t matter how many times......that is nothing......I am pretty sure that the BBQ Brisket that night paid off in advance to cover any miss......!!!!!

Great hunt and very well done boys......!!!!!

PD: I don´t care about mosquitoes, I spent some years hunting in the Paraná Delta, where the first mosquito in the world come to the life, the nest of the all mosquitos in the world......:ROFLMAO:

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