USA: Nice 8 Point With My 416 Remington


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Mar 24, 2012
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Was able to take a very good, and heavy bodied 8 pt with my Winchester safari 416 Rem yesterday. Load was 340 woodleigh PP at 2668 fps muzzle velocity. Shot was about 65 yards while I was sneaking up an old logging road. Bullet entered left shoulder and exited right shoulder. Bullet also showed good expansion, and I’ve become a huge fan of this bullet. I’ve killed several deer last two years with my 416 rem, and Taylor improved and their a lot of fun to hunt with. Plus gives me a lot of field practice with these rifles if I ever do get to Africa. This deer ended up having 17 5/8” inside spread and weighed 215 lbs at the deer processor I took it too. Anyways hope everyone had a great Christmas, and if you have some bullets you like on whitetail in yours 416’s I’d love to know. So far I’ve used 340 woodleigh, 350 Speer mag tip, and 300 TSX. All worked great on the deer I’ve used them on.

Nice looking buck. Congrats
Nice buck, big boy for sure ... and toolbox. UWS is the best. Js.
Nice buck!
They say, "Bring enough gun." I believe you met that requirement. Nice buck.
They say, "Bring enough gun." I believe you met that requirement. Nice buck.

Lol thanks! I’m figuring deer hunting is a good time to practice with the big guns . We are allowed 5 does and 3 bucks per season, so I usually get to try out a bunch of different loads and cartridges on them anyways.
Nice buck! I used that same bullet on the bear in my profile picture, but out of a .416 Ruger at about 2,600. The exit wound on the bear was about the size of a softball and ruined the hide.

Nice Deer though! Hunting with dangerous game rifles really is a lot of fun and you get some use out of them instead of just having them to break out once in a while when your friend tells you his ".300 WM kicks like a mule and you gotta be a real man to shoot it."
Nice! But, where’s your Taylor AI? LOL

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