Phil that was a great hunt and a even better trophy. The outfitter working with you as he did will no doubt bring him some positive press. Cold weather hunting requires some special gun handling. Things like little to no lubrication, don't bring a cold gun inside without making sure it is 100% dried out or the condensation that forms will just freeze and lock up the action. Although you personally may be aware of these things I thought other warm weather hunters might benefit from my comments.

BTW your photo of that treed cat is absolutely stunning. You should get that photo hand painted and professionally mounted. I would if it were mine!!
Thanks for the nice words and advice. I don’t hunt often in conditions quite like this.
Wow what a lion!!! congrats!!!

And you shaved..... your name still is Phillip right? lol
Phillip Congratz on a nice cat. Hunting with hounds is exciting and depending on terrain can be a tough climb or sketchy decent chasing cats.

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