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Jun 3, 2013
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So I bought a landowner tag for Antelope in New Mexico.

October 7 leave Albuquerque at 7:15 AM to meet my guide in Belen. Meet up buy a few last minute supplies and head out to camp, 10 miles north of Cedarvale . Set up camp check my rifle and head out about 11:30. We spot 3 herds at a distance some nice bucks in them. Finally decide to try do a stock, park in a gully about 3/4 of a mile from the herd. We use Cedar bushes and when we run out we use Cholla cactus to hide behind, we get about 650 yard from them. We then stay low, single file and walk closer, stopping and waiting when they get spooky. We get about 380 yards from them, I try to set up but find I can’t use my right eye at that distance ( if been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in the right eye) so I decide to shoot left handed, which I don’t find to stable. Finally take a shot and miss.

We go back to the truck and check out a few more areas, see more good bucks but non we can stalk close enough to. Go back to the highway to check out the other part of the ranch. We spot a buck with 3 does, turn around and go down a road that gets us a chance for a good stalk. Using a big Cedar bush we stalk within 250 yard. We the crawl to where I have a 200 yard shot, take a shot and hit him to far back, my second shot hits a barb wire strand on the fence 10 feet in front of me, third shot is through the heart Antelope is in the bag

So a couple of thing my sight is better then in June but will never be really good again, therefore I need to practice a lot more with my left side. I will not stop hunting because of my sight, I’ll just learn to do things different.
Nothing wrong with switching to a lefty
Adapt and move forward. :A Big Hello:

Congrats on a nice trophy.
Well done. Just back from a goat hunt myself. I'll post a thread in the near future. A great animal to have an exciting stalk hunt!
Nice buck Pete!
Sounds like a fun hunt. Sorry about your sight, but you made it work! Adapt and carry on...good job!
Spookstar, getting old is a b***h. Letting it beat you is worse, glad to see you didn't give in.
Nice pronghorn! Congrats!
Congratulations, very nice buck!
Congrats sir!
Congrats on the hunt, and keep shooting!

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