USA: Hunting Coyote... #2, 3, 4, & 5

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Apr 2, 2009
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I started the morning at my most productive daylight spot. The cows decided we were going to play suround the hunter and look stupid. I hurled rocks, dirtclods and insults to no avail. I finaly gave up and eased over to the next pasture. I glassed the pasture and creek bottom while I waited on good shooting light. I slipped out about 60 yards from a big deadfall and setup the caller. I swear it wasn’t on 10 seconds when a coyote came trotting up out of the creek bottom. I repostion on him. He stops broaside at 80 yards. I put one through his lungs and he was down. He had to be sleeping down near the creek the whole time. I finished the calling sequence and head to mom’s for Sunday breakfast.


After some home made waffels and sasuage I decide to go for a little walk to the back side of one off my favorite hunting spots. Theres a spot were a ridge pushes up against the creek. There is a logging road at the bottom of the ridge that always has lots of dog tracks in it. I set the caller and decoy in a fallen tree branch next to the creek. I walked part of the way up the ridge and setup. I turn on the caller. After 3 minutes on low I turn up the volume. A minute later a yote comes running up the creek. She stops across the creek from the decoy. She spins like she going to leave and I put a quick one in her. She runs of into the brush but I hear her crash just out of sight. Another yote comes up the creek but angels into the thick stuff. Eventualy it comes back through but dosent give me a shot. I decide to wait 10 minutes to see if it would circle down wind. I no sooner decide this than I hear something coming from upstream. Another yote comes in, its in the thick stuff. I stop it in a little opening and take the shot. The yote starts spinning and rasing cain. I am trying to get on him again when the other dog comes streaking in. A fight insues, another dog runs in from upstream. Theres a serious fight going on just out of sight. Everything goes quiet. Another dog lets out a howl on the opposing ridge. I am scanning the other side of the creek when I hear a yote walking up the ridge from me. I am about to repostion on it when one comes around the bottom of the ridge. It stops and looks at the decoy and I drop her on the spot. The other dog runs past me on three legs. I start calling to it with the sqeaker bulb. It stops in the field and looks back. Another dog starts barking down the creek. The one I am looking at charges back down to the creek and stops almost in the exact same spot as before. This time the theres no deflection and the shot rings true. I see atleast 6 different yotes before its over and definatly would have killed one more If only I hadnt run out of bullets.
Morning total, a small male and female, another good size female and a big male. A truly amazing morning.

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Good job my man! We have been calling here in
Missouri and running them with dogs also. Congrats that is a great total for a morning hunt!!
Awesome! Sounds like a bad day to be a coyote!
Wow, what a amazing hunt! Thanks for the pictures and story!

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in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well
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is the 505 gibbs still for sell? Thanks!
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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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If those Schells rings fare still available, I could use them. I'm willing to pay for the shipping.