USA: Has Anyone Hunted With Mick Chapel From New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting?


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Apr 28, 2016
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I am considering black bear hunting with hounds with this company New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting ( I know 20 years ago they were legendary and then some reports started coming back they got a little too large and the overall experience suffered. Has someone hunted with them recently and could you provide feedback?

Other New Mexico hound outfitter recommendations would be great too

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Last year, I used DMV Outfitters in NM for a bear hunt in September and mountain lion hunt in December. Both were excellent, successful hunts. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you need any contact info for them, let me know.
If you asked me, 25 years ago, who to use for an elk hunt with best chance for an opportunity at a 400pt bull- I would have said Mick Chapel. However, my working relationship with him was not as Hunter-Guide. He was always a “straight shooter” with me.

Right now for chasing a bear on horseback around in some of that extremely rough country… I dunno? The experience, knowledge base and hunt area is there but I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to how good the current guides/dogs working for the company are or what any hunter’s expectation might be?
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Alternative: Mike Root.
Yes, Mike Root hunts similar type SW NM rough country as Chapel. Also, lots of experience. Quemado based or Winston based… take your pick. “Hey mule!” :):)
we hunted the western side of NM with hounds and harvested good bears with G3 Outfitters HJ Platt good honest solid guy. he takes all of elk from lincoln county and has always done me a good job.
all of our elk permits from Lincoln county....................................sorry i type horribly
I emailed Chapel over 10 days ago with no response. I'm not begging you to take my money.

DMV got back with me within 24 hours

Thank you for other recommendations, I'll check them out too

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