USA: Davis Mountains Aoudad Hunt With Hunter Ross Desert Safaris

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Just returned from a fabulous four-day hunt for aoudad in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. My outfitter was Hunter Ross who owns Hunter Ross Desert Safaris. These are free range sheep which occupy the 4 - 6k ft altitude band of the Big Bend country. Released some fifty-years ago, these Barbary Sheep probably decided they had arrived in heaven and have multiplied accordingly! I was there at the worst time to hunt a ram. Though we saw 50-75 sheep daily, the mature rams were in secluded bachelor herds. We finally connected on a fine 29 inch ram the afternoon of the third day.

This is a challenging hunt. We covered lots of territory over three low fence ranches totaling 170 thousand acres. Accommodations were great, and the terrain alone was worth the visit.

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I was talking about this hunt with a guy the other day, or Texas Auodad. I'd like to do this sometime for sure. And I've never actually been to the Davis Mountains, even as a Texan....

Can't see the picture though? Is it just me?
I read that sheep hunting is addictive! Sounds like you had a great time. I can't see the photo either btw
I am trying to post from my forum photos. Probably doing something wrong. You can go to those. These guys are like a Volkswagen with horns.
Congrats! I agree, these are some of if not the toughest animals I ever hunted!
Looks like their kind of country.

Congratulations on a fine ram.
On my short list for sure, thanks for posting.
Congratulations Red Leg. Looks like you got a great ram.(y)
Man that is a good looking Ram! Congrats sir!
Red Leg.................very nice the country in the background. Was this booked as a four day hunt and if so did you hunt the entire time? Looking at hunts... and many are 3 days, so just wondering if you added another day. A lot of these W Texas Aoudad hunts want you to shoot the first day of your hunt so they can send you home early. I would like to hunt a little longer than one day, and look a little more.......4 or 5 days sounds done good.............................FWB
This was booked as a four-day hunt. Guide and Hunter Ross worked their butts off with the goal of getting me a good ram. We saw a representative but immature 27-28 inch ram late on the second day, and my guide wouldn't let me consider taking him. Switched camps at the end of the second day because we were seeing a lot of ewes but no mature rams (function of the time of year not actual scarcity). This necessitated Hunter keeping open a camp which he had planned to close when his client shot his ram (Craig Boddington - we passed on the ranch entrance road). These were folks whose only motivation was to get their client the best possible sheep. I'll go back.
Doesn't look like there is much cover. How close were you able to get? Are these normally long shots?
The laser had 209, before the group broke and started over the hill - so say 225 at the shot and about a 20 degree uphill angle. I would be prepared for a 300 yard shot. It is ideal spot and stalk country. We saw groups out to a thousand yards, but there was plenty of geographic relief to enable a stalk.
I hunted free range auodad on a ranch by Post Texas. For the money best sheep hunt there is.
Looks like you had a great hunt, and not far down the road from you either! What is that? Around 500 miles from Austin.
RL............that definitely sounds like my kind of guide and outfitter..........thanks for sharing...................FWB
Looks like you had a great hunt, and not far down the road from you either! What is that? Around 500 miles from Austin.

505 from my front door. And a fast 500 - most of the way the speed limit is 80, and there is little traffic beyond San Antonio.
Great sheep red leg, be careful, they are addictive. I'm Pacing around the house for the next month before heading back to Texas for another aoudad hunt.

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