USA: Addax & Blackbuck Hunt Part Two


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Jun 3, 2013
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Instead of resurrecting my old thread I decided to start a new one. I got home Sunday night so apologize for the delay. Monday was busy. This will be a short report as the hunt went fast.

Got to the ranch around 11:00 AM on Friday had a snack, sighted in the rifle. Headed out looking for Addax spotted a herd, got into position for a shot, got on a very nice bull but couldn't get a shot as there always was another animal in front or behind. Finally they spooked. We drove around and chased them for a while. Also looking for Blackbuck, which we seen running all the time. Decide to head back to the ranch house to get a drink and let the Addax settle down.

Set out about 3:30 drove looking for Addax spotted a herd got into position for a shot and took a fairly nice buck. I did shoot at a smaller one and not the bigger one, but a nice bull anyways. long but tight horns.

All the Blackbuck where going at 100 miles an hour we did see 2 nice bulls but didn't get a shot. Saturday morning had breakfast left the house around 7:30 around 7:45 Spotted a nice bull about 150 yards away feeding. Got off the truck and walked about 40 yards to where I could get a good clear shot. Fired and he dropped right there.

So this is the end of my official hunt with Montgomery Properties Ranch. Yes, its not Africa and in some way was too easy. Last year it took 2 days of really hard hunting to get my Scimitar horned Oryx

As Paul Harvey used to say now for the rest of the story;
First off I am not a shotgun person or a bird hunter, my shotgunning is all 3 gun stuff. the last time I hunted birds other then grouse was 35 years ago. So I have a day and a half to kill. Ty's friend who is a veterinarian phones and wants to go dove hunting. Mitch asks if I would like to go at no cost to me. they will supply the guns and ammo. So we drive to just north west of Witchita Falls to a friends field. in Texas the white wing Dove limit is 15, Ring neck are a invasive species so no limit. I got 3 Ring neck for 60 shots. Ty got 37, Mitch got 42 and Peter got 35. Did I mention I'm not a Shotgunner. Head back to the ranch for a BBQ. next morning head out and do some exploring, Monday head to DFW, Tuesday fly home. I did bring some meat from both animals home with out any problems.
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Very nice! Love the shape of both of them
Awesome. Very cool animals. I especially like the blackbuck!
Some hunts are easier than others. Congratulations.

It is a skill set to shoot a shotgun. At least you got a few and had some fun.

Thanks for sharing your hunt.
I dove hunt not far from Wichita Falls as well.
Sounds like fun! Glad you had a good trip!!

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