Ultimate Adrenelin 2x1 Tuskless Elephant Hunt US$17,500 Plus Trophy Fees

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    Matetsi Safari Area, Zimbabwe
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    Two hunters, Two Tuskless Elephant, One PH

    If you enjoy the thrill of being up close and personal with huge herds of Elephant, hunting Tuskless Elephant is the ultimate. Tuskless Elephant are dispersed throughout the Southern African Elephant populations at about 3% of the overall numbers. This makes this a difficult hunt and puts the best hunter's skills to the test. There is nothing like the thrill of being right in among the Elephant having to immerse yourself in the dynamics of the herd so as to find the right animal.

    2 x Tuskless Elephant (2x1) 10 days @ $875/day - $8,750

    This hunt especially suits two buddies or father and son hunters who are looking for that something special and includes other Plainsgame if required.

    Trophy Fees (each)
    Tuskless Elephant - $5,000
    Impala - $300
    Kudu - $1,200
    Reedbuck - $900
    Spotted Hyena - $150
    Warthog - $500
    Waterbuck - $1,500
    Zebra - $1,000

    Hunting is in MATETSI SAFARI AREA, UNIT ONE out of a superb African camp. Untouched, Unfenced, Wilderness Africa!

    Free transfers to and from Victoria Falls International Airport
    2% Govt. Levy and VAT is payable on daily rate
    4% Cites Levy payable on trophy fees

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    Very good offer, would love to hunt Matesti. Hunting a tuskless is one of the most underrated hunts in my opinion. Hope someone books this so I can read the report. I am probably a few years away from chasing elephant again.

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