TV Segment Highlights Rhino Anti-Poaching Efforts

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    TV Segment Highlights Rhino Anti-Poaching Efforts

    Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, February 22, 2012, NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams" aired a detailed segment on rhino poaching in South Africa. Because the price of rhino horn has increased dramatically over the past few decades, statistics show poachers killed nearly 450 rhinos last year. In 2012 alone, poachers have killed one rhino every 18 hours.

    The segment also highlighted the efforts by conservation groups in South Africa trying to combat this illegal and reprehensible trade. The WILD Foundation ( began 'Operation Rhino' in the 1960s, a program responsible for establishing a successful anti-poaching network working with the operators of breeding colonies and game reserves. Now, by inserting microchips and collecting DNA samples of the animals, researchers can match confiscated horns with poached carcasses and take legal action.

    This issue is at the forefront of Safari Club International (SCI) and Safari Club International Foundation's (SCI Foundation) conservation efforts. "We appreciate the assistance from NBC in spreading the message that poaching and illegal trade will not be tolerated. SCI and SCI Foundation continue to develop partnerships with wildlife agencies and other conservation organizations to help put an end to the despicable poaching of rhinos," said Kevin Anderson, SCI President.

    Through a partnership with the WILD Foundation and the Magqubu Ntombela Foundation, Safari Club International established the "Rhino Informant Incentive Fund." The program employs an expert team of informants who gather legal and forensic intelligence about poachers. Contributions to the WILD Foundation Rhino Informant Incentive Fund can be made at

    "Continued cooperation between government, conservation groups and private stakeholders is essential to enhance wildlife management in South Africa," said Joseph Hosmer, President of SCI Foundation. "We will continue to focus our resources on the conservation of the rhino and effective enforcement against criminal poachers."

    - SCIF -

    Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education, and humanitarian services. Since 2000, SCIF has provided $47 million to these causes around the. Visit for more.

    Source: Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF)

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    It's about time a good TV segment is aired so the public can actually see what is happening. I believe a lot of people think all this stuff is made up or not nearly as bad as it really is. With groups like SCI donating money & doing the science on wildlife studies, maybe some of these people will donate much needed monies to help save not only poached animals but all animals in need for survival.

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