Trump Tweets About Farm Murders

Probably fake news. :ROFLMAO:
State Department warning? Yep, fake news.

Vanderkloof Dam, Northern Cape.
We can send this to the State Department and they can update the website. :)

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I am more worried about my friends than my money. They need us to continue to support them with our business. I will hunt RSA next year.
Fox news reached out to the U.S state department for a statement. The answer was rather nonchalant, and a little disturbing.

The S.A government had stated at one time, that this land grab would apply to properties of 25,000 acres and larger? Any truth to this?
sooner cant happen. i have funds and vacation time devoted to other hunts for 2018/2019. earliest i will be able to hunt is 2020. so i will wait and see what happens, but i wont be sending anyone any deposits for sure.

I’m in the same boat as you. Bought a trip at a charity auction for $4,000 and plan to take our son. The outfitter wants another $1,000 to “secure my reservation”. At this point, I’d be more inclined to spend the grand on “cancel for any reason” insurance from Travel Guard.
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I’m in the same boat as you. Bought a trip at a charity auction for $4,000 and plan to take our son. The outfitter wants another $1,000 to “secure my reservation”. At this point, I’d be more inclined to spend the grand on “cancel for any reason” insurance from Travel Guard.
Ask the outfitter what his cancellation policy is. Most outfitters are very reasonable and will work with you. The way I look at hunts are like this: Some guys go to casinos and risk thousands of dollars. When I hunt, there is no guarantee that you'll get an animal or live to see another day. Therefore, I'm gambling with my money regardless. I buy travel insurance for medical only. The rest I find is a waste personally. I know a guy that went to Kenya during the whole transition faze in the 60's and shot rhino and elephant. It wasn't exactly safe at that time, but he went. Zimbabwe is being hunted, and it has had it's problems. So is Mozambique. Turkey isn't exactly "American Loving" right now but guys are still hunting ibex. I'd just go.
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All these land grabs being discussed have actually happened in Zimbabwe and it remains one of the greatest hunting opportunities in Africa and the World.

Additionally I and many on this board have likely all ready hunted properties that have been acquired by the government and redistributed to black owners. Many may not realize it. In many cases those new owners live in a village or township and have leased the land back for hunting. Most of them never really farm or manage it.. it is all about money, the publicized excuses are typically a lot of bullshit, like most political issues. They get the land, take what they want, and collect payments from what they can negotiate.

I would be shocked if many SA outfitters on this board are not actually hunting some of these properties. I shot my SA buffalo and several PG off such a property adjacent to Kruger.
Burkina Faso is a better deal in my opinion. Have an outfit lined up.
Burkina is where I would like to go. They still have terrorist attacks there but hunting is great I'm told. If I had my way I would go to SA and Namibia every year and alternate Zambia and Burkina on odd years!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:...Tanzania would be even years and Zimbabwe every couple years. Personally I think it would be better to just retire to Namibia and hunt all the time.
I just hunted Aboriginal land in Australia. The White outfitter has exclusive hunting use to something like 5 million acres. He pays a fee to the Aboriginals.

There is no doubt a paradigm shift happening on the RSA hunting industry. It remains one of the best examples of Capitalism in the World.

Some large wealthy outfits who own a lot of land may be very negatively affected. And some start up smaller operations may find opportunities they can exploit.

Additionally there are other factors such as exchange rates to consider. If RSA follows through with policies that are negative to their economy, the value of the Rand may drop again and a deposit on a hunt could hurt more from that respect than risk of losing it to a reputable outfitter.

However I concur that going through the right agent with the right arrangements can be a good option if you are compelled to book well ahead and have concerns. Again with some of the paradigm shifts taking place, there are sone outfitters who do not require a large deposit.

Excellent and that lady from Black First Land First (at 52 minutes) taking about taking land should scare of the cr*p out of anyone. I foresee a bloody civil war on the horizon.
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Damned well about time the truth about these issues gets some real attention and honest reporting in the USA.
Attached pls find a statement to ease your fears ! Any questions you might have will be attended to !

Happy Hunting !



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Nice note but you don’t address the fact that our friends are under constant threat of violence.
This situation may lead to a civil war. I would think there will be economic sanctions applied.
And the future fir hunting is .....??
it was already headed for civil war. this Trump announcement may very well avert it, cross your fingers
A-Bob.............thanks for sharing Tucker's report on this sensitive issue. Most news networks will not carry anything about this, and of course most Americans will therefore know nothing about it. The major news networks rarely even report on a crime that is not perpetrated by a white person. If they do, the race or name of the perp is omitted. Today, the mass stabbing in France was reported by the French as " the suspect was a French citizen. There is no connection with terrorism". Although the BBC said the "French citizen" was born in Chechnya and ISL has claimed responsibility. The point: driving a wedge between the races requires making whites the evil party, thereby ensuring non-whites learn to hate, and vote Democratic. In such a climate, reporting on farm murders is not popular. The Antifa nazis are never reported on, filmed or condemned by the Left in this country, so don't expect them to give a damn about justice or equal rights in another country. The USA once prided itself on diversity and inclusion....Liberals still believe long as you are exactly like them......the time to hunt is now...............FWB

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