Truck - what do you drive, and why?

I have a new model Toyota Tundra. I bought it because all my previous Toyotas were essentially problem free.
I would NOT buy a new Toyota Tundras, fuel line recall with only temporary fix available now, brake campaign, multiple broken seat side panels and the lists goes on.
I don't know what I would buy if doing it again.
I'm going with a used low mileage 2021 Tundra when its time. Last year of the 5.7 I believe.
I have a new model Toyota Tundra. I bought it because all my previous Toyotas were essentially problem free.
I would NOT buy a new Toyota Tundras, fuel line recall with only temporary fix available now, brake campaign, multiple broken seat side panels and the lists goes on.
I don't know what I would buy if doing it again.
And the market leader for catalytic converter theft. :). Not kidding. Probably 25% of my friends who own tundras have had their catalytic converters stolen. It is crazy.
I drive an F-150 crew cab 4x4 with the eco boost powertrain, tow max package and long range tank. 21 mpg without a trailer, 700 miles range, 14,000 pounds towing capacity. Ticks all the boxes I need, I can haul the tractor in for service, cruise the highway in comfort, and bump around the farm.
I can’t help with anything to new. I drive a 95 f250 with the 7.3 powerstroke.
It only has 180,000 on it so I should be good for at least another 100,000.
I have nearly assembled this truck from all my favorite parts. Front Dana 60, 4.10 gears extra leaf springs in the rear. Etc.
It’s set up just the way I want it and I would not trade it for a new one.
Currently running a 2017 gmc Sierra xlt 4x4, 6.2 litre, got a good decent deal on it used, my previous truck was a 2007 ford f150 fx4 that was running on its last breath, like both of them, the gmc has a lot of bells and whistles that scare the crap out of me and are above my comfort level, what I really like that I didn’t think I would, remote start, heated steering wheel, and heated and cooled seats, drawbacks the engine uses premium gas and it has afm, but I get around 22mpg on avg. At work our station had over 70 trucks Chevy, Ford, Dodge and one Toyota, of all of them the dodges were the worst, seems like the last several years recalls on all 1/2 tons have gone up, for a truck I think 3/4 tons are the way to go if your going to use them like a truck they haven’t been wimpified like the 1/2 tons have, just my opinion. Good luck in search
Like many, I buy used, low mileage and carefully study Carfax background and history. The last new vehicle I purchased was a POS Chevy 1/2 ton, 2 wheel drive in 1974. Currently have a low mileage, 88000 mi, 2014 FX4 with 3.5 Ecoboost. I don't pull heavy loads so no need for the added expense and maintenance of a diesel. I had a 2015 F150 4X4 with 3.5 Ecoboost for a lot of miles. I was not impressed with the aluminum body F150 as introduced in 2015. Basically their bodies are not repairable and require very expensive full panel or full cut-out and re-weld patching. The only advantage to the aluminum body is slightly better fuel economy. Others, and I agree, call them "beer cans".... bend the metal once and it breaks. :)

I have been thoroughly impressed with the 3.5 Ecoboost 2014 FX4 after having if for over a year of driving in all conditions including extreme snow. Highway mileage averages 19-20 mpg. As an aside, I cannot understand the affinity for any more power than available in the 3.5 Ecoboost- it has plenty!... IMO, whomever pays 100K for something like a hot Raptor has more money than sense :)
They're not made anymore but I love my 2018 Sierra Z71 All Terrain because Florida
Last few vehicles have been GMC's. Finally traded out my '18 Sierra crew for a '24 AT4 6.2. Got a great value on the trade in. The new models are stickered too high but if paying cash at the end of year there are deals to be made.
I drive a 2020 Honda Ridgeline, why, because I do not haul heavy loads, there is under seat storage for the second row seats as well as a trunk in the bed of the truck which is super handy.
Our company has several trucks that take a serious beating off-road and quite a few miles on the highway. These aren’t 1500s and 150s because they don’t have the power, big enough brakes or the ground clearance to do what we do.

If you’re looking at 2500s or 3500s or diesels (3/4 ton and 1 ton) there’s really no question- go with Ford. I generally like Chevy products but the bigger Chevy trucks come too low to the ground from the factory. In addition, the front wheel wells aren’t big enough for tire chains - the chains rub and tear up the wheel wells! So stupid! In the MidWest, farmers drive mostly Chevy trucks, while out west, ranchers drive Ford and Dodge.

I will never buy a full-size Dodge again. I had problems that the factory would not stand behind. They also lack durability- using plastic push rivets to hold the wheel well liners in place, etc, etc…

I personally drive a 2017 F-350 crewcab longbox upgraded XLT. I don’t want carpet or leather. I put Ruff Tough seat covers on and I’m all set. I can spray the floor out with a hose! I haven’t had any problems with the corrosion that @rookhawk mentioned but I don’t live in the Midwest where the highways are covered in salt and magnesium chloride. MC is used in Colorado but I keep my truck washed weekly. The truck looks brand new and people are always asking me if I got a new truck lately. As for the motor problems in 2004-2010 Ford diesels, those days are long gone. Ford switched to the 6.7 diesel in 2011 and I’ve had two so far that have been bullet proof. Halliburton tested them for Ford up to 500,000 miles with few problems. The truck has a 40 gallon fuel tank. I hate shortbox trucks with the small fuel tanks! Plus, I can load an ATV and still have room for coolers and other gear. The truck drives like a dream on the highway. If I don’t set the cruise control, I will unintentionally break the speed limit by 15 mph before I notice I am going too fast because the truck is so quiet and smooth.
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75 series Land Cruiser x2...
I want a Honda Odyssey to carry all our crap when we go on hunting, fishing and camping trips. Being looked at like a soccer mom is a great way to stay under the radar with firearms in the vehicle. The number of times I truly NEED 4-wheel drive is slim.

Currently we have a Ford Explorer. :rolleyes:
Toyota Tundra 2016 model...... Cuz 330,000 miles so far. That's coming off of a 2008 Tundra with 363,000 miles when I let it go to my trim carpenter, who has it at 425,000 miles right now. Both on caliche oil field roads every day

Oh, i had to replace alternator on 2016.

And this is why my 2012 Tundra with 170,000 miles on it will remain in my garage for awhile. Only thing that broke on its own was the little servo for the power door lock on the passenger front door. Everything else that has broke was put in that state by another vehicle making mine a target.

I've used this truck off road quite a bit. Even with all of those miles there's not even a squeak to be heard from pieces loosening up. It's also spent most of its life not in a garage, and yet in the AZ sunshine there's no cracks in any of the plastic or rubber material inside.
I'm going with a used low mileage 2021 Tundra when its time. Last year of the 5.7 I believe.

The 5.7ltr tundras are bombproof!

I bought mine after seeing the excavation superintendents at the company I was working for put crazy high mileage on them with nothing but the occasional battery.

People complain about the fuel mileage of the 5.7ltr but my 4x4 tundra gets the same mileage as my previous 2x4 F150 even though the tundra has 5.7ltr engine and the F150 was a 4.6ltr.

The tundra is basically a 3/4ton in a 1/2ton body.
Agreed; this question is the equivalent to asking "What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?", but I'll toss my $.02 in (operating under the assumption that we are talking half-ton trucks):

1. When I bought my current truck (2015 Ram 1500 Lone Star 5.7 Hemi 4x2), I asked my brother who has several fleet vehicles in his company which trucks he liked the best. Having owned all the ones from the Big Three domestic manufacturers, he said that the Rams gave him the least problems by far, and usually had the best ride. I've probably got a few more years left on my current Ram 1500, but a new one in 4WD is my default choice for next time.

2. Toyota - if you can get a good deal on a 2021 or earlier (for the 5.7 engine), that would be a good way to go. I think they ruined that platform with the new V6, and I've not spoken to a single buyer of the new Toyota that hasn't regretted his decision. On the other hand, I've talked to plenty of Toyota owners who regretted getting rid of their 5.7 model.

3. Ford - to each their own, but every Ford product that I've driven over the last 10 years has felt like a cheap tin can; even the brand new F150 Platinum edition that I had as a rental for about a month earlier this year. My wife's current Explorer Sport is probably the most hated vehicle I've ever owned, and feels downright unstable on the road; not to mention the blind spots and overall cheapness. Contrast that to the Super Duty's and Excursions of old, and they have fallen a long way from "Quality is Job 1". The Japanese have a word that escapes me at the moment, but it essentially refers to that heavy, quality feel like when you close the door on a luxury car. Whatever that word is, the newer Fords are the opposite.

4. GMC - I grew up in a GM family, so I may be a bit partial, but the loaded out GMC off road pickup is the best looking one on the road. I think if the price point is right, you can't go wrong with one.

Let me close by making a comment about ride quality; more specifically, about wheel size. It has been a trend for several years for half-ton pickups to come from the factory with 20" or bigger wheels. In my opinion, this absolutely destroys the ride. My current Ram 1500 has 20" wheels and rides "OK" with high quality Michelin tires; but my brother has the identical truck except with 18" wheels, and the ride quality is tons better. I think a 17 or 18 inch wheel size is about ideal for a half-ton pickup chassis. I hate anything that throws of the vehicle's ideal geometry, so don't get me started on lift kits and oversized tires... ;-)
No shortage of opinions over the whole spectrum. I am long term Ford truck buyer. My current is a 2016 F250 Diesel Super Duty. It has 79K miles and is just getting broken in. It is paid off and it will be an interesting contest to determine which of us outlives the other.
I'm going with a used low mileage 2021 Tundra when its time. Last year of the 5.7 I believe.

That is exactly what I bought. It had 3700 miles on it. I love the truck but be knowledgeable about the potential cam tower oil dribble issue. I had mine resealed at 21k miles. i like the truck a great deal as I do not tow a lot and I typically buy trucks to keep for a long time. My 2002 Tundra my kid drives has 237k on it and has been solid as a rock.

If I towed a lot I’d get a Chevy diesel, that is what our family business used (we had four) and that is ALL they did. I was amazed at how well they did hauling non-stop.
Im in the market for a new(ish?) truck...

To be honest, I have zero knowledge of what is "good" or not so good these days..

I typically buy something 1-2 years old (let someone else take the depreciation) and then drive it until the wheels fall off of it...

I bought my last truck in 2013.. Someone else had bought it new in late 2012 (its a 2013 model) and then turned around and traded it in 4 months later with 6000 miles on it.. Its now at the "wheels fall off of it" stage (215K fairly hard use miles and starting to fall apart)..

My priorities are must be full size, must have 4WD, must be able to tow a reasonable load long distances (I own an 18' center console boat that gets towed up to 300 miles at a time.. a 10' trailer and mid sized UTV that gets towed all over the place, regularly.. a "typical" trip is about 150 miles each direction.. but it will also get pulled from N TX to N ID later this year).. and the truck must be durable (again, my intent is to drive it a minimum of 8, up to 12 years.. until its falling apart.. only then would I buy another truck)..

Fancy options are cool and all.. but honestly arent a huge motivator.. pretty much any base level package on a 2022-2024 truck is going to have tons of stuff that my 2013 doesnt have (I have a CD player in my current truck lol..).. So neat stuff like oversized screens, sunroofs, etc arent really a big deal to me.. thats just something else to pay for that sooner or later will break, that I likely wont use much in the first place..

As long as it will last a long time, stand up to a pretty regular beating, can get me onto and off of our snow covered property in Colorado and our gumbo mud covered deer lease in E TX, can haul up to about 4000lbs without struggling to pull said load over the rocky mountains, etc... the biggest purchase motivator will be price (I really hate the idea of spending $60K - $80K on a freaking pick up truck... but it appears thats about where the market is right now)..

Currently Im looking at the Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram 1500, and Ford F150.. My current truck is a Chevy Silverado.. and I have to admit.. while it has taken a beating and kept on running, I have pretty much hated the truck since the day I drove it off the lot.. I just dont like the handling, and its really struggled when pulling loads..

I test drove a tundra last night.. will probably go test drive a dodge tonight..

Does anyone have any insight or preferences I should know about? Any particular truck out there I should consider that isnt on "the list"?

Im not a car/truck guy.. I just put a key in the ignition and go.. this really isnt an area of expertise for me in any way..
I have owned 5. Now very happy with my GMC SE 4WD Canyon. It easily fits into my garage which is why I no longer have a full size pick up

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