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    I am traveling with a group through Amsterdam and all have their dutch custom forms, some of which are 1 page (listing weapon only) and others are two pages (listing weapon and ammunition). Customs says that ammunition should be listed but that if it is not, it still may be allowed to pass through. Has anyone had any experience with this specific issue?
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    I think that the words "may be allowed" in your post should be of concern. In my opinion ammunition should definitely be listed on the Netherlands Consent Application Form for the simple reason that it is requested on the form itself in section 5 Weapons/Ammunition.

    I am certain that lots of hunters have gone through customs with ammunition in Amsterdam without that piece of information, however when it comes to customs and this is true anywhere in the world, you never know who you will be dealing with and that person has the power to allow or refuse the transit of your firearms and ammunition. Some custom officials are very loose and some more strict, though whenever it comes to dealing with customs you should dot every "i" and cross every "t", leave nothing to chance...

    Should you be traveling with firearms and ammunition in transit through Netherlands on your way to Africa, please click here to go the Royal Netherlands US Embassy’s website in Washington DC to read on this topic.

    Make sure to prevent your firearms from getting impounded by applying for the consent form for both the outbound and the return transit through Amsterdam.

    Netherlands Consent Application Form
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