Top African animal to shoot

Every hunter has his own perfectly valid reasons for preferring one particular game animal.
For me, it is Buffalo. Being in thick bush, hearing them step on twigs before you can actually see them, finally seeing dark shapes so close to you, then trying to get a decent look at them before they become aware of your presence and run away or charge. So exciting.
Today my wishes are on Hippo, but overall my last trip would be for a Bongo .... If that was to do it again : savannah Buff and harnessed guib in western Africa ...
Only one? OK. DG: Cape Buffalo. PG: Kudu or Eland.
For me it's buffalo BUT as long as it's a hunt in Africa, I'm not fussed - a hunt there is just such an awesome experience!! Period!!
Hippo. Definitely not as common as some on this list but a land based hippo hunt is the ultimate hunt for me
Lion! Male, Mained and Wild! no1. for me !
I can cheat then and settle on a Buffalo in Australia

I'm not hiding my obsession with Warthog and I like the straight horns on the Gemsbok. they don't seem to get much attention overall from what I see.
Leapard, it’s #3 on my list but sadly the only one in my top 3 I could bring home to the US.
As far as plains game goes most beautiful animal to me is a sable.
Currently, a 42” (dry) or greater Sable is my number one. After that a 42” (dry) Cape Buffalo or greater is next. Once the black beauties are completed not sure that I would ever go back. I have a Kudu and Springbok in Rowland Ward. It’s my goal to have a RW Cape Buffalo and a RW Sable too. But if I could only have one one of those, it would be the Cape.
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Any plains game walk and stalk with my bow.
Took an impala from a blind, but took a white tail deer a few months later walk and stalk to 23 yds.
Real tough call there.. I want to say kudu just because they are the grey ghost, and remind me of pursuing a majestic animal in the US (the elk). I may have to give the edge to the cap buffalo however. I can wait to pursue another one of those beasts on foot!
If you could shoot any animal anywhere in africa what would it be? And why?

Large Tusker, "imo" the pinnacle of hunting.

Following that, the rest of the DG.
Leopard in Tanzania for me, I listened to one "sawing" just outside my tent for over an hour one night. I can't really put my finger on why I want a Leopard but have always been intrigued by him.
Top african animal to hunt?!
Things change... but at this particular moment, those are many animals I haven't hunted yet:

Bushbuck, Nyala, Eland, Waterbuck, springboks of various colors, buffalo..... Top 10 of my list, have already been collected in two consecutive hunts, thus not mentioned.

However, in theory at least, once when and if I do collect everything I could imagine, possibly Kudu will remain, on top.
Kudu, I think I can hunt every time. It could be the influence of Robert Ruark, or Hemingway, or this forum. But when I think of Africa, the first animal that comes to mind is kudu.
Leopard in Tanzania for me, I listened to one "sawing" just outside my tent for over an hour one night. I can't really put my finger on why I want a Leopard but have always been intrigued by him.

The thing about a Leopard hunting trophy that I appreciate is, NOTHING feels like a Leopard. You cannot hold one without at least thinking that with this creature, God has created the most perfect animal.

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