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    Well were back from our adventure and it was better than expected the trip overall, the weather wasnt always on our side but we did our best and fared quite well.

    Charl didn't expect this tuna to give him a boxing match close to the boat!

    Sunrise in paradise!

    What the beach looks like in paradise!

    Locals go out to fish with these up to 4 km into the sea.

    My very first sport fish :biggrin2:

    Just after I got mine in Charl also had a chance on one a double take.


    What a lot of people come for a sailfish !!! ;)

    Quoted from Charl

    "After very hard work, and a years waiting time, we at last got the chance to get licensed to operate fishing charters out Tofu, Mozambique.

    We had a great time, and our whole team was down there.

    The people we hosted got sea sick on the first day so me and Fred had a bit of fun. The weather was not good, and May is not the best time to fish this area. None the less, we did ok.....I got a nice Sailfish, small yellowfin tunnie, and me and Fred had a nice double on the Dorado's. Lots of bottom fish like snapper and rock cod as well.

    Sailfish was taken on a Shimano Tld20 with a light Shimano standup rod, 15kg main mono line with a 54lbs Leader. A Williamson Softie with a trailing Ballyhoo bait fish got him on the boat. We raised 5 more, but falied to get them to strike.

    Tunnie was taken on a Halco deep diving minnow and the Dorado's on the ever faithful red and white X-rap from Rapala. We "flipped" a carrapou bait rigged for King mackerel to a dorado when Fred got his next to the boat, and we managed to hook and load him.

    Mozambique truly is a lost paradise, and we are looking forward to sharing the laid back relaxed paradise with our friends and clients. Frederik took some of the most amazing photo's you can imagine.

    We are back now, and will start hunting next week!"

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