The Lion's Share of The Hunt

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    The Lion's Share of The Hunt
    Trophy Hunting and Conservation: A Review of The Legal Eurasian Tourist Hunting Market and Trophy Trade Under CITES
    A TRAFFIC Europe Regional Report

    by Doris Hofer


    Download the entire report at View attachment 2786 .

    This study is the result of the work and contributions of many people all over the world. However, it would not have come into existence without the initiative and endless support of Roland Melisch (WWF Germany and TRAFFIC Europe-Germany) and Tom de Meulenaer (formerly TRAFFIC Europe) and his staff.

    Special thanks of course go to the contributors: Ellen van Krunkelsveen (TRAFFIC Europe) for the Benelux countries, Massimiliano Rocco (TRAFFIC Europe-Italy) for Italy, Alexey Vaisman (TRAFFIC Europe-Russia) for Russia and the CIS countries, and Juan Herrero and Carlos Blanco for Spain.

    TRAFFIC is particularly grateful to WWF Germany and the German Hunters Association (Deutscher Jagd-Schutzverband DJV) for administrative and financial support for a questionnaire survey of German tourist hunters. More than 100 colleagues and experts shared their knowledge with us or conducted investigations to contribute to the study. These include: colleagues from WWF and the TRAFFIC Network throughout the world; colleagues from regional conservation organisations; representatives of tourist hunting agencies, hunters associations, governmental services and authorities; and of course the tourist hunters themselves. Many thanks to all of them, whether cited or not.

    Thanks are also due to the reviewers of this report, Ingo Krawehl, Nina Marshall, Stephen Nash, Armin Winter and Sabri Zain, who provided many helpful comments and suggestions despite the “made-in-Germany” English of the draft version.

    Finally, this report would not have been possible without financial support from WWF Germany, WWF’s Large Herbivore Initiative, and the European Commission.

    Dr. Doris Hofer

    Download the entire report at View attachment 2786 .
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