The "Hairy", the Buffalo & the Hippo

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    The "Hairy", the Buffalo & the Hippo - Tanzania

    This story has been translated from French to English by Google translate. The original French version can be found below.

    Tanzania (Selous), male elephant at sunset near the river Mbaragandu (hunting area Mkuyu).

    Christopher is on the box Luhaniandu amodiée the company for which he works, Tanganyika Wildlife Safari. This is an area located in southern Selous. His hunter is a Russian who wants primarily a lion.

    Obviously, the man seeks above all as the say in their jargon hunting guides: "a large hairy" which is incidentally the opposite of what is called in the same jargon, "an Iroquois" It will be served!


    Christopher, who that very evening of the arrival of his client, he has focused his rifle 300 Weatherby, he proposes to attack the next day "in the drive.

    It was indeed knowledge, 3 hours drive from the camp near the Luwugu place or hang around big yellow cats.


    It does not take more to motivate the hunter, the next day, immediately after breakfast, is one of the first to climb into the 4x4.

    At daybreak, the team hunting finds herself on the spot.


    It is a magnificent site, slightly hilly with a beautiful lake and of course the presence of the river Luwugu.

    "There," as Christopher said, "any wildlife on the water: hundreds of hippos, crocs but to also to increasing waterbuck, bushbuck ..."

    "After the wonder, of course, we look for traces of cats" he said.

    Very soon, the hunting team discovers a trace of a male of 10 inches wide but it is not of prime freshness ...

    Now that the guide reinforces the fact that lions are still in place.

    The travels continue ... "A little later, we came across a kill of a young hippo (a kill is a carcass, a result of predation, editor's note) which was a lioness" notes Christopher.

    "We approached the lion was furious and grumbled terribly but we could see or perceive the male.

    Once the lion part cons heart, the team searched more deeply around the corpse and found a fresh trail of a "big daddy" ...

    "I knew when it was there! Remained to be stronger than him ... against predators predator!" said the guide Tawisa.

    With experience, Christopher decided to move the carcass dragging over one kilometer before tying a acacia.


    "It seemed the wiser," he says: "where the lions would follow and therefore this is the lion, knowing that it was absolutely necessary to complete the remains of the hippo meat fresh."

    The guide then take his hunter one of the favorite foods of lions and well represented in the area, namely a growing waterbuck.

    It goes perfectly in addition to the remains of the hippo.

    Christopher also takes care to build his men in a tree, 75 meters, a lookout for the next day.

    The next day, everyone is back in place before the day comes up.

    The meat has been eaten but there is still no trace of male.

    By mutual agreement with his hunter, Christopher decides to spend not only the day but at night there. They have it for water and food needed.

    The waiting begins.

    Around 18 hours, 2 lionesses come then they are hyenas and all the nocturnal predators.

    "It growls, it's squabbling, it makes a lot of noise but at daybreak, it is clear that the lion did not come" summarizes the guide.

    This is far from being discouraged, the team decides: 1 to deliver fresh meat, 2 to go on the site an extra night. This will avoid once more the 6 hours of tracks.

    Then the team took the road back.

    Initially, the hunter and the guide decided to feed the bait to draw a hippo.

    Branch Lake or so hundreds of these animals frolic.

    At 10 hours, the mass grave is re-fed with the carcass of a horse River (hippopotamus), male, adult, whose "baby teeth" measuring 67 centimeters or 26.4 inches!

    In a second step, the team decides to take a short rest before going back up to 16 hours...

    But as they seek a quiet, shady and sufficiently distant from their carriage to "pose" a little guide, hunter and trackers fall into a canyon on a herd of buffalo.

    They watch and sees 3 males detach. There were some very good representative of the species.

    The bait is far enough, Christopher decides to make the draw.


    The band of buffalo is 114.3 cm or 45 inches! At 16 hours, is taken up on the lookout.


    At 18 hours, three lionesses arise. But still no lion.

    "Ca va, ca just until 1 am when we heard a huge roar," said the guide.

    "I look in the binoculars in the moonlight, I distinguished. IT is there, he wears a beautiful mane ... But we must expect the dawn."


    All times are strung slower than days but I am confident. On the hippos, the "large" remain.

    Finally the first rays appear. We see at last. It is beautiful. A "big hair" as we are few in the wild!"

    "My hunter does more. He has, in front of him a lion-standard, one of his dreams, his lion!"


    But he must wait while the fawn is this good for the stroke is fatal immediately.

    This is the case a few moments. The opportunity to enjoy a little of this splendid creature.

    And then suddenly the lion is in perfect position, and rare magic moment of "shoot" an animal that has been sought and for which we have done everything.

    The ultimate moment or two predators confront...

    The Russian fighter looks at me, gun propped in the crook of his shoulder...

    A simple nod will suffice. The 300 tonne, the lion collapsed. It is all over".


    Clarification: If the mane of the lion is beautiful, the animal was not very long body (2.70 meters or 106.3 inches) and had no skull except (SCI total score 23).


    It weighed, however (on balance) 197 kilograms or 434.3 pounds!

    He had also beaten as recently evidenced by his scar near his eye.


    Note that Christopher believes that the age of the animal was between 6 and 8 years.

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    Christophe, Those are some beautiful pictures! Wow, I can see why you guys love to hunt the "the Big 5". The memories and experiences from those hunts are priceless.

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    ..Great Pictures! Great Story! I almost felt as though I was there!!

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