The Game Animals of Africa

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    The Game Animals of Africa
    by R. Lydekker

    London, Rowland Ward, Limited

    Book Digitized by Google
    From 1908

    IN the present volume I have attempted to do for the big and other game of Africa what has been accomplished in Tlie Game Animals of India, Burma, etc., for those of the chief Asiatic dependencies of the British Empire. The task has, however, been one of far greater magnitude, not only on account of the much larger number of species and races to be dealt with, but from the imperfect state of our knowledge of no inconsiderable proportion of these, and the uncertainty still existing as to the limitations of species, in contradistinction to local varieties or races. In the main, species have been regarded in as wide a sense as possible; but in the case of many groups, such as the duikerboks, the time is not yet ripe for anything approaching a final classification, and there can be little doubt that several nominal species will in the future have to take a lower grade.

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