The Consequences Of "Trophy Hunting"


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Nov 11, 2014
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Source: Jens Ulrik Høgh Facebook Page

The consequences of "trophy hunting"

This is the simple explanation that is never told in main-stream media! Hunting tourism - a.k.a. "Trophy hunting" - is one of the most efficient ways to create and protect natural habitat and thus biodiversity. A hunting ban - or a hunting trophy import ban - would be a disaster. Here is why!

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Beautiful. It contains hard facts , which sadly the anti hunting people do not have much use for.
Pretty simple isn't it? Trophy hunting results in 80% more wildlife, not less like the anti's would like the world to believe.
Of course . We are hunters . If anything , we have the most motivation to ensure that the animal populations stay safe instead of getting endangered . We care more about nature than any of these coarse fools , who's sole experience with animals , is by watching " animal planet " .
They don't seem to have the cranial acuity to understand simple scientific facts. They run on the fake news spewed by other animal activists.

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